Terms and conditions for use.

Last updated on December 2021

1. Identification.

  • Owner: ISEAZY S.L. (hereinafter, “ISEAZY” or the “Owner”)
  • Tax ID No: B87713426
  • Registered address: C/ Marqués de Monteagudo 22, 5ºB, 28028 Madrid
  • Registration details: Companies Registry of Madrid, volume 35.565, book 0, folio 21, section 8, page M639594, entry 1.
  • E-mail: info@iseazy.com
  • Telephone: (+34) 902 534 004
  • Fax: +34 917 266 476

2. Subject matter.

This document establishes the general conditions of contract (hereinafter, the “Conditions of Contract”) that regulate purchases by users of any of the Products and/or Services offered on the ISEAZY website (hereinafter, the “Website”), located at the URL https://iseazy.com/.

Any matter not specifically addressed in these Conditions of Contract shall be deemed as reserved for ISEAZY, notwithstanding application of the valid terms of law.

Likewise, ISEAZY reserves the right to make amendments and/or updates to the Conditions of Contract, of which customers will be informed in advance to accept or reject, if the changes are substantial. In any case, it shall be assumed that the user expressly accepts these amendments or updates if he/she contracts services offered by ISEAZY over the Website again.

If accepted by the user, the new Conditions of Contract shall fully replace the conditions valid up to that time, and shall enter into force on new subscriptions contracted by the user as of the date of acceptance of the new Conditions of Contract.

By marking the relevant box in the contracting process and by following all the steps in the online process, the user expressly accepts these Conditions of Contract, which are just as valid as if signed in person. Likewise, the user acknowledges having sufficient capacity to undertake the obligations arising from his/her actions over the Website, which he/she has previously read and understands the contents thereof.

In all cases, in order to enter into contracts with ISEAZY, the user must be of legal age (≥ eighteen (18) years old) and have full legal competence to enter into contracts.

The entire contracting process shall take place in Spanish or in English.

3. Operation of the website.

The website is a SaaS platform (Software as a Service*) intended to create digital content for professionals who want to create professional content without the need of technical knowledge (hereinafter, “Products” or “Services” without distinction) and which may be contracted by users in accordance with the terms of these Conditions of Contract.

All communication between the user and ISEAZY shall be done electronically.

*Our cloud service provider is Microsoft Azure and our own servers are configured and serving from the Azure North Europe datacenter (Ireland)

4. User registration.

Registration as a user of the platform is completely free of charge in order to let users to try it and can be done by electronic means over any kind of device; the user will be asked to provide the details needed to process the registration and the data entered must be full, actual and true, given that this shall be our only means of offering the Products and/or Services correctly and managing the contract procedures as well as contacting our users, if necessary.

Access to the Website entails full acceptance of these Conditions of Contract, notwithstanding any specific conditions set forth for certain specific services, and it shall be assumed that they are accepted through mere use of the services.

Under no circumstances shall ISEAZY be held liable for the truth of the registration data furnished by users and therefore each one shall be liable for the possible consequences, errors and mistakes that could later arise as a result of faulty quality data.

isEazy will store the data of any account for 6 months after it is deleted. This way, the user will be able to request the reactivation of their account during this period of time. isEazy will assess each case individually to proceed or not with the reactivation.

FREE plan conditions

ISEAZY reserves the right to terminate or modify the Free plan Service at any time, without prior notification. The Service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory. ISEAZY makes no claims that the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free and customers use the application at their own risk.

isEazy also reserves the right to delete accounts under FREE plans that are inactive for 6 consecutive months.

Pricing plans

Anytime the user will have the option to choose between one of the following subscriptions.

Subscriptions to the authoring tool:
  • Professional: 69€ per month
  • Business: 199€ per month per 2 author (the account admin user can register more aditional authors for 89€ per month per author)

All isEazy plans are subject to the users’ commitment to using bandwidth responsibly. Each plan is limited to 1 Gigabyte/Month.

Subscriptions to distribution with isEazy (isEazyGO)
  • Pack up to 100 students: 250€ per month
  • Pack up to 250 students: 500€ per month
  • Pack up to 500 students: 750€ per month
  • Pack up to 1000 students: 1000€ per month

isEazy reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary to its pricing plan. isEazy commits to notify those users that may be affected with enough time in advance.

4.1. Registration requirements.

In order to be able to register as a user, it is essential to be over the age of eighteen (18) years old and provide all the data requested and classified as mandatory.

Likewise, registered users accept that the password and user account are personal and non-transferable.

The password must be created by the user according to password strength and complexity rules established at any time by the Owner. The password created by the user shall be valid for an unlimited time, subject only to the time that the Website, or the section thereof that requires access with a password, remains active.

However, users can modify their password at any time by using the tools placed at their disposal by the Owner over the Website.

The user agrees to use the password in a diligent manner, to keep it secret and refrain from giving it to any third party. Consequently, users shall be responsible for the proper safekeeping and confidentiality of any identifiers and/or passwords they have selected as registered users and they agree not to allow third parties to use them temporarily or permanently or to give third parties access to their account. The user shall be responsible for lawful use of the Website, and shall be held liable for any damage caused by a third party entering the site using his/her access credentials.

In virtue of the foregoing, the user is required to notify the Owner immediately of any event that could allow misuse of identifiers and/or passwords, such as theft, loss or unauthorised access thereto, in order to proceed with immediate cancellation thereof. Until such events have been reported, the Owner shall be exempt of any liability that could arise as a result of misuse of identifiers or passwords by unauthorised third parties.

4.2. Cancelling user registration.

The user can request to be deregistered from the Website at any time through the platform.

In any case, after deregistering, the user may ask to register again, although the Owner shall be entitled to refuse such registration in the specific cases stipulated in the “Rules of Use” clause of the “Legal Notice” or in the event of a conflict or dispute arising between the parties.

5. Electronic contract.

Pursuant to the terms of section 23 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, regarding Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, contracts entered into by electronic means shall be considered fully valid by law when consent and other requirements needed for them to be valid are present.

In all cases, the electronic format in which these electronic Conditions of Contract are set forth shall be allowed as documentary proof in the event of a dispute between the parties.

For the purposes herein, it shall be assumed that, by taking all the steps in the purchasing process and, where appropriate, paying the corresponding fee, the consent required for the contract has been given.

Likewise, in accordance with section 27 of Law 34/2002, regarding Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, prior to starting the contracting procedure, users are given all the information in relation thereto, which shall only apply if the user decides to proceed with the contracting procedure over the Website.

5.1. Preliminary information.

These Conditions of Contract are available and open to all the users of the Website free of charge at the following link https://iseazy.com/terms-and-conditions

Access to the contracting procedure is completely free of charge. Anytime the user should get a payment subscription in order to keep using the platform with no related additional costs other than those inherent to the provision of the Internet connection procured by the user and those related to the purchase of the training course.

The Products offered by ISEAZY are thoroughly described in the Website, and no issues that are not explicitly stated can be deemed as included therein.

The contract between ISEAZY and the user is deemed to have been formalised when the user has completed the contracting procedure by clicking the “Finalice” button and it is assumed that completion of all the steps in the electronic contract procedure and inclusion of all the requested details, in conjunction with checking the box indicating acceptance of the Conditions of Contract, is a direct expression of the user's will to accept such conditions.

ISEAZY, as a provider of an information society service, shall keep the electronic document in which this contract is formalised on file. This electronic document shall be accessible to the user via the link that shall be provided, where it can be downloaded and printed out, and these Conditions of Contract shall be included therein.

ISEAZY shall use adequate and sufficient technical means to identify and correct technical errors in management of the information when liable for such.

Unless indicated otherwise, the language in which the contracting procedure shall take place and this contract shall be formalised is Spanish or English.

5.2. Contracting procedure.

The contracting procedure for Products and/or Services offered by BIZPILLLS shall take place entirely by electronic means over the Website. Any person with Internet access can enter into a contract, as all the Products and/or Services offered over the Website are available to the public, there being no restrictions whatsoever on viewing them.

The complete procedure that must be followed by any user that wishes to purchase the Products and/or Services offered by ISEAZY over the Website shall be as follows:

  1. After the user has accessed the ISEAZY Website, he/she must select the Subscription to be taken and proceed to purchasing it by selecting the “Contract” button. It is important for the user to review the Product and/or Service descriptions and the conditions, deadlines and final prices.
  2. Any of the subscriptions that the user has selected can be removed if the user no longer wishes to purchase some or all of them. If, on the contrary, the user wishes to continue with the purchase of subscriptions, he/she must read and explicitly accept these Conditions of Contract and the Privacy Policy contained in https://iseazy.com/privacy-and-cookies.
  3. Next, the user must choose the desired payment method among the options offered by ISEAZY on the Website, which are as follows: credit card or debit card. At no time shall ISEAZY have access to your bank details, as these are directly handled by the corresponding banking institutions on our payment gateway.
  4. When this process is complete, a purchase summary statement will be displayed and the user will also automatically receive an email confirming that the purchase was successfully completed. This email shall describe the characteristics of the user's subscription and shall be valid as proof in the event of any type of claim. If you do not receive this email, check your “junk mail” or “spam” box and, if it is not there, we ask you to please contact us as quickly as possible so that we can solve the issue.
  5. The user can find all the information about this purchase, and any others made previously, in his/her personal area on the Website where, after identifying him/herself, a summary of the order, the date, the price and the payment method can be viewed.

5.3. Financial conditions.

The prices of the Products offered by ISEAZY over the Website are indicated next to the description of each course and in all cases are shown in the official currency of the European Union, the Euro (€).

5.3.1. Prices.

The valid price for the courses offered by ISEAZY shall be the price indicated at any given time on the Website next to the description and these prices shall be available to the public with no need to be registered as a user to see them.

To the displayed price we must applied the taxes that legally correspond according to the nature of the operation and the intervening parties and any other applicable expenses. However, the final price shall include any and all increases and discounts that may be applicable, expenses passed on to the user and additional expenses for accessory services, payment methods, etc.

In any case, all these amounts shall be shown broken down for the user during the contracting procedure.

5.3.2. Payment and billing.

For the payment of the corresponding amount, the user must enter his billing details and those required for the chossed payment method, credit or debit card. Depending on whether it is a final consumer, a Spanish company or an EU company which contract the Products and/or Services, the corresponding VAT will be applied according to the local tax legislation.

Once the user has contracted the Service and the payment has been made trough any of the availables methods in ISEAZY, an email will we sent to the customer with all the deatails related with the purchase (Product and/or Service contracted, price and applied taxes).

In all cases, payment of amounts over the Internet shall take place via the Website provided by an external financial institution, which shall, in all cases, be hosted on a website with an SSL security protocol. To identify this site, check that the address of the page where you are about to make the payment begins with https://.

At any rate, the purchase only becomes final when ISEAZY has received payment confirmation from the banking entity that owns the payment gateway. Should the transaction be denied by such entity for any reason, or if the full amount of the Product price is not provided (including surcharges for handling fees and bank transfer commissions), the purchase shall be suspended and the user shall be informed that the transaction was not completed.

After receiving full payment, ISEAZY shall automatically send the invoice related to the contract entered into by email to the user. By accepting these Conditions of Contract, the user declares his/her express consent to receive the invoice by electronic means. If the user wishes to receive a paper invoice, he/she can contact ISEAZY, indicating the address to which the invoice should be sent. The invoice can be issued directly to the user as an individual, to the user as a self-employed professional or to the company for which the user works.

Likewise, according to valid legislation, ISEAZY cannot modify invoices on sales completed at a later time. Therefore, the invoice shall be issued in the name of the natural person that purchases the Products, so the user must make sure to complete the order in the correct name, as duplicate invoices cannot be issued and sent to third parties, nor can they be issued after the warranty period has elapsed.

6. Warranties.

6.1. ISEAZY' Liability.

ISEAZY undertakes to ensure that the contents, data or information relating to the Products offered over the Website are reliable, true and accurate, and is liable for the prices and characteristics announced. However, it shall not be liable for any information entered, displayed or modified by third parties unrelated to ISEAZY.

Any reproduced photographs, texts, graphic design, information or characteristics that illustrate the Products are not binding and may vary. However, we endeavour to ensure that the descriptions thereof are as accurate as possible.

6.2. Customer service.

As the party responsible for the Website and for sales of the Products and/or Services offered therein, ISEAZY offers users a customer assistance service available in this email: help@iseazy.com, which shall respond to any queries, complaints or suggestions made in relation to the subscription of any of the Products and/or Services.

Specifically, users may contact us in the following ways:

  • Telephone: (+34) 902 534 004
  • Email: help@iseazy.com

We shall respond to claims or queries received as quickly as possible.

Complaints forms are available to consumers and/or users.

7. Liability.

The parties agree to fulfil their legal and contractual obligations arising in virtue of these Conditions of Contract. If one party fails to fulfil its obligations or hinders the other party in fulfilment of its obligations, said other party shall be entitled to file a claim for loss and damages caused, in relation to both consequential damages and to loss of profit.

The parties shall be personally liable for the violations incurred, and the other party shall be held harmless as regards any error, fault or negligence not attributable thereto and as regards any damage deriving from said violations or errors attributable to the other contract party.

ISEAZY shall not be held liable in the cases described in the Website Legal Notice as regards the Products and/or Services offered therein. Furthermore, in particular, ISEAZY shall not be liable in the event that the Website is unavailable or it is not possible to purchase the Products due to circumstances beyond ISEAZY's control, force majeure or errors in the contracting procedure or the data provided by the user. However, in these cases, ISEAZY shall contact the user in order to come up with the best possible solution.

ISEAZY shall make every effort commercially and technically within its reach to ensure that the Products offered over the Website remain available. However, this obligation shall not apply to any lack of availability or performance caused by:

  1. Temporary inactivity of the Website due to updating and/or technical maintenance, which shall be posted on the Website up to 48 hours in advance, as long as these circumstances are known by or reported to ISEAZY further in advance of such time;
  2. Circumstances beyond ISEAZY' control: force majeure, Internet access issues, technology issues beyond the Owner's diligent and reasonable management of the Website, actions or omission of third parties, etc.

None of the aforementioned cases, beyond ISEAZY' control and due diligence, shall give rise to compensation by such party for loss of profit, loss or damages.

Should the Website be shut down or suspended for causes unrelated to the parties' actions, the user shall be informed accordingly of the transfer of the service to a new domain, and the provisions of this contract shall only vary in relation to the domain in which the Website remains active.

8. Safeguard clause.

Each of the clauses or points in these Conditions of Contract must be interpreted in an independent, separate manner, and if one such clause or point is declared null and void by a court judgment or a final arbitration resolution, the remaining clauses shall not be affected. The affected clause or clauses shall be replaced with another or others that maintain the effects pursued under the Website Conditions of Contract.

9. Resolution of disputes.

This relationship between the parties shall be governed by Spanish legislation in force at any given time, provided that this is allowed under the legislation applicable to each of them. Thus, Spanish legislation in force at the time of the dispute shall apply to any issues under dispute in relation to this Website or any other upon which it is dependent and the competent authorities to rule on any conflicts deriving from or related to the use of this Website shall be the Courts of the City of Madrid (Spain).

To file a complaint on the use of our Products, you may send us a statement addressed to the email or postal address indicated in the “Identification” section herein above, and we undertake to seek an amicable solution to the dispute at all times.

Furthermore, all users residing in the European Union have the option of going to the Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR), using the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage. Users should address any queries they may have about this Platform to the European Consumer Centre in Spain, located at calle Príncipe de Vergara 54, 28006 Madrid, telephone number 918224555.

Legal notice

Read this document carefully. It contains the Legal Notice that regulates access to, browsing and use of the website located at URL https://iseazy.com/ (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

Access to, browsing and use of the Website entails express and unreserved acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice, which is valid and enforceable in the same way as any written and signed contract.

Observance and compliance shall be required of any person who enters, browses in or uses the Website. If you do not agree with the terms set forth, do not enter, browse or use this site.

Last updated on January 2018

1. Identification.

  • Owner: ISEAZY S.L. (hereinafter, “ISEAZY” or the “Owner”)
  • Tax ID No: B87713426
  • Registered address: C/ Marqués de Monteagudo 22, 5ºB, 28028 Madrid
  • Registration details: Companies Registry of Madrid, volume 35.565, book 0, folio 21, section 8, page M639594, entry 1.
  • E-mail: info@iseazy.com
  • Telephone: (+34) 902 534 004
  • Fax: +34 917 266 476

2. Subject matter and scope of application.

This Legal Notice regulates the access to, browsing and use of the Website, notwithstanding the fact that the Owner reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration and contents of the Website, as well as the conditions required for access thereto and/or use thereof. Access to and/or use of the Website after the modifications or changes enter into force entails acceptance of such modifications or changes.

However, access to certain contents and use of certain products and/or services may be subject to certain specific conditions which shall in all cases be clearly displayed and must be explicitly accepted by the users. These specific conditions may replace, complement or, where applicable, modify the conditions of this Legal Notice.

For the purposes of understanding this Legal Notice, a person shall be considered a user when he/she accepts this Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy https://iseazy.com/privacy-and-cookies and Terms and conditions for use https://iseazy.com/terms-and-conditions, contained in the Website, and visiting the Website shall suffice for this purpose.

3. Intellectual and industrial property rights.

The Owner possesses or, where applicable, holds the relevant licences over the intellectual and industrial property operating rights needed to operate the Website and all the contents offered herein, including its platform, texts, photographs, illustrations, logos, brands, graphic design, designs, interfaces, or any other information or content, and the products available through it.

Under no circumstances shall access, browsing or use of the Website by the user entail a waiver, transfer, licence or full or partial assignment of these rights by the Owner. The user has a right to use the Platform for the sole purpose of enjoying the set of services in accordance with this Legal Notice.

In addition, the Owner makes available to the user a catalog of images owned by Unsplash, through which Unsplash grants an irrevocable, non-exclusive license to intellectual property rights worldwide with the power to download, copy, modify and distribute for commercial purposes. This license does not allow the user to replicate a similar or competing service. Thus, the user will be liable in relation to the Owner if they fail to respect the terms of the license and violate the intellectual property rights of Unsplash.

The prohibition to use references to brands, registered trademarks or other distinctive markings owned by the Owner or by third parties without consent by the Owner or the legitimate owners thereof is implicit. At no time shall access to, browsing or use of the Website and/or its contents grant the user any rights whatsoever over the distinctive markings herein, unless there is a statement to the contrary in this Legal Notice.

The user will own the intellectual property rights over the courses and content generated through the Website and must keep the Owner harmless from any claims and damages caused, both to the Owner and to third parties, as a result of a breach of the user in the terms set forth in this legal notice.

Likewise, it is also forbidden to delete or manipulate the copyright indications or other credits identifying the owners of the rights over the contents that the user may find on the Website, or the technical protection devices, digital signatures or any other protection or reporting mechanism added to the contents offered on the Website.

If the user sends information or contents of any kind to the Owner by any of the channels set up for this purpose, the user declares, warrants and accepts that he/she is entitled to do so freely, that said information does not infringe on any intellectual or industrial property rights, trade secrets or any other third-party rights and that said information is not confidential or harmful to third parties.

The user agrees to accept liability for any communication or contents that he/she sends personally or that is sent on his/her behalf, holding the Owner harmless.

Should the user have knowledge of the existence of any illicit, illegal or unlawful content or of content that might represent an infringement of intellectual or industrial rights or rights of any other kind, the user must immediately notify the Owner by email at info@iseazy.com, for the latter to take the pertinent measures.

Likewise, if any user or third party considers that any of the contents of the Website belonging to the Owner violates his/her intellectual or industrial property rights or rights of any other kind, such party must address a statement to info@iseazy.com containing the following information:

  1. Identification details and way to contact the claimant or his/her legal representative.
  2. Documents serving as proof of his/her status as Owner of the allegedly infringed rights.
  3. Detailed statement about the rights allegedly infringed by the Owner and the precise location thereof within the Website.
  4. Explicit statement by the claimant indicating that the contents were used without the consent of the Owner of the allegedly infringed rights.

4. Links.

4.1. Links to other webpages.

If links are displayed on the Website leading to other webpages by means of buttons, links, banners or embedded contents, the Owner confirms that they are managed by third parties and that the Owner has neither the human nor technical resources to have prior knowledge and/or control and/or approve all the information, contents, products or services facilitated by other platforms to which links from this Website may be established.

Therefore, the Owner does not accept any liability whatsoever for any aspect of platforms or webpages to which links from this Website may be established. Specifically, by way of illustration but without limitation, this refers to aspects of their operation, access, data, information, files, quality and the reliability of their products and services, their own links and/or any of their contents, in general.

In this regard, if the users have effective knowledge that activities pursued through these third-party webpages are illegal or contrary to morals and/or the public order, they must immediately notify the Owner so that the latter may disable the link to such pages; such action would be done as quickly as possible.

In any case, the creation of any kind of link from the Website to any other third-party page does not represent any kind of relationship, collaboration or dependency between the Owner and the party responsible for said third-party webpage.

4.2. Links to the owner's pages on other platforms and social networks.

Through a series of tools and applications, the Owner provides users with links that enable them to access the Website's channels and pages on other platforms and social networks belonging to and/or managed by third parties (such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.). The sole purpose of including these links in the Website is to allow users to gain access to these channels on the different platforms and social networks.

The establishment of these applications does not entail the existence of any relationship whatsoever between the Owner and the owner, manufacturer or distributor of the linked platform, nor does it represent acceptance or approval by the Owner of the contents, products and/or services therein; the owner, manufacturer or distributor is solely liable for such contents, products and/or services.

Activation and use of these applications may require user identification and authentication (login/password) in the corresponding platforms, which are completely external to the Website and beyond the Owner's control. By accessing these external networks, the user enters an environment that is not controlled by the Owner and therefore the Owner accepts no liability whatsoever for the security configuration in these environments.

Given that the Owner may be limited control over the content hosted in these channels, the user acknowledges and accepts that the Owner shall in no way be held liable for the content, products and/or services to which the user may have access on these pages, or for any content, products, services, advertising or any other material available on them.

4.3. Links on other webpages to this website.

The Owner does not authorise links to be established to the Website from pages containing illicit, illegal, degrading or obscene materials, information or contents, or, in general, any that violate laws, morals or the public order or generally accepted social norms.

However, users may establish links leading to the Website provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. The link cannot reproduce the content of the Website or parts thereof in any way.
  2. Creating a browser or border environment around sections of the Website is not allowed, nor can the Website be modified in any other way.
  3. Making false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications about the Website and/or, particularly, declaring or insinuating that the Owner has authorised the link or has supervised or in any way accepted the contents, products or services offered or made available on the webpage in which said link is established is forbidden.
  4. The webpage in which the link to the Website is established cannot contain illicit information or contents, contents that are against morals and generally accepted decency and public order, contents that infringe any third-party rights, including intellectual and industrial property rights and/or the right of honour, the privacy of individuals and families or a person's image or any other rights, or contents that violate personal data protection regulations.

The Owner is neither authorised nor has the human or technical resources to know, control or approve all the information, contents, products and services provided by other webpages that have established links to the Website. The Owner does not accept any liability whatsoever for any aspect of webpages that establish such links to this Website. Specifically, by way of illustration but without restriction, this refers to aspects of their operation, access, data, information, files, quality and the reliability of their products and services, their own links and/or any of their contents, in general.

5. Rules of use.

Access to or use of the Website for illegal or unauthorised purposes, whether for profit or not, is not allowed and, therefore, the user shall be the sole party liable for the consequences of such action. In particular, while this list is not intended to be restrictive in nature, the following is prohibited:

  1. Using the Website in any way that could cause damage, interruption, inefficiency or defects in its functioning or on a third party's IT equipment.
  2. Using the Website to transmit, install or publish any virus, malware or other damaging programmes or files.
  3. Using the Website to collect personal data of other users.
  4. Using the Website in an illegal manner, against good faith, morals or the public order.
  5. Registering on the Website with a false identity, impersonating third parties or using a profile or performing any other action that could mislead other users as to the user's identity.
  6. Gaining unauthorised access to any section of the Website, other systems or networks connected to the Website, to the Owner's servers or to products or services offered over the Website, by means of piracy or forgery, password theft or by any other illegitimate means.
  7. Breaching or attempting to breach the Website's security or authentication measures or those of any other network connected thereto, or the security or protection systems inherent to the contents offered on the Website.
  8. Performing any action that could cause disproportionate or unnecessary saturation of the Website's infrastructure or of the Owner's systems or networks, as well as of the systems and networks connected to the Website.
  9. Hindering the normal course of an event, competition, promotion or any other activity available over the Website or any of its functionalities, whether by altering or attempting to alter, illegally or in any other way, access to, participation in or the functioning thereof, by falsifying the results thereof and/or using fraudulent methods for participation by any means and/or through any practices that violate or infringe on this Legal Notice.

A failure by the user to fulfil any of the above obligations could prompt the Owner to take appropriate measures in accordance with the law and to exercise their rights or obligations. The offending user's account could even be deleted or frozen without giving rise to any compensation whatsoever for loss and damage caused.

6. Liability and guarantees.

The Owner cannot guarantee the reliability, usefulness or truthfulness of all the information and/or the products or services and contents of the Website or the usefulness or truthfulness of the documents made available through it.

Therefore, the Owner does not guarantee or accept liability for:

  1. The continuity of the contents, products and services of the Website.
  2. An absence of errors in said contents, products and services.
  3. An absence of viruses and/or other damaging components on the Website or in the server that hosts it.
  4. Invulnerability of the Website and/or impossibility of breaching the security measures taken herein.
  5. A lack of usefulness or performance of the contents, products and services of the Website.
  6. Loss and damage caused to oneself or to a third party by any person that infringes the conditions, rules and instructions established by the Owner on the Website or that breaches the Website's security systems.

However, the Owner warrants that it has adopted all necessary measures within its means and the state of the art to guarantee the Website's functioning and to reduce system errors to a minimum from a technical perspective and as regards the contents published on the Website.

The Owner does not guarantee the lawfulness, reliability or usefulness of contents supplied by third parties over the Website. Should the user have knowledge of the existence of any illicit, illegal or unlawful content or of content that might represent an infringement of third-party rights, the user must immediately notify the Owner for the latter to take the pertinent measures.

The Owner shall not be liable for the truthfulness, integrity or updating of information published on the Website from sources beyond its control, nor of that contained on other platforms to which there are links on the Website. The Owner shall not accept any liability for hypothetical damage that could arise through the use of said information.

The Owner shall not be held liable for events beyond its control, which may include but are not limited to: force majeure, Internet access issues, technology issues beyond the Owner's diligent and reasonable management of the Website, actions or omission of third parties, etc. None of the aforementioned cases, beyond the control and due diligence of the Owner, shall give rise to compensation by the Owner to the user for loss and damages, to the extent allowed under valid legislation.

7. Suspension of the website.

The Owner reserves the right to suspend, modify, restrict or interrupt, whether temporarily or permanently, access to, browsing, use of, hosting and/or downloading of contents and/or use of the products and services on the Website, with or without prior notice, for users that violate any of the provisions detailed in this Legal Notice, and the user shall have no option to demand compensation of any kind for this reason.

8. Confidentiality and data protection.

Pursuant to the terms of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, all the personal data collected during use of the Website shall be processed in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy https://iseazy.com/privacy-and-cookies.

9. General terms.

The titles of the clauses herein are merely for informational purposes and do not affect, qualify or expand the interpretation of this Legal Notice. Furthermore, the Owner may fully or partially amend the terms and conditions set forth herein, publishing any changes made in the same manner as this Legal Notice appears or by any other means of communication addressed to users.

Therefore, this Legal Notice shall remain valid for as long as it is posted until the time it is fully or partially amended, at which time the amended Legal Notice shall become valid.

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