Easily create interactive e-learning courses

Easily create interactive e-learning courses

Capture the attention of your entire audience thanks to the professional results of your courses on multiple devices.

Express Course

Create even better training programs by adding fresh, dynamic content. Use it for your micro-learning courses, corporate communication and much more.

Classic course

Created for longer, more structured training programs. Your students will fall in love with the most intuitive eLearning courses on the market.

Very attractive final design

Thanks to the templates, interactive content and image personalization, the final result is mesmerizing.


The latest technology in web development. You won’t have to depend on obsolete technology like flash or other insecure plugins.

Responsive design

Content created with isEazy is designed to be viewed anywhere, on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Create your content and let our adaptive design take care of the rest.

Interactive content

Interaction stirs emotions that enhance learning. Make your e-learning courses more dynamic through multiple choice questions, flash cards, audio, videos, etc.

Evaluate your students

Create a final evaluation in a matter of minutes and measure your students’ knowledge with an intuitive and responsive test.


Think one chance is not enough? With isEazy you can offer your students multiple attempts to get them to pass.

Question bank

Prevent your students from sharing test results. Also, if you set it up for multiple attempts, questions will appear randomly on each attempt.