Easily create interactive e-learning courses


Easily edit e-learning courses with professional results.

You'll be amazed by our intuitive editing system. See how easy it is to create content with our authoring tool:

Flexible editing

With isEazy you have full control over your content. Creating, editing and moving elements is quick and easy.

Slides based

This guarantees that content is distributed into intuitive teaching units for your audience to easily absorb.

Layout system

Choose one of the available layouts and start creating content. If you change your mind later on, don’t worry! You’ll see how the elements rearrange themselves like magic.

Personalize your slide

Play around with the background and spacing between elements to create your own style.


An acronym for “What you see is what you get” which means any editing you do shows up in the final format. Real-time editing!


If real-time editing isn’t enough for you, there's also a preview tool where you can review the entire course exactly as the user would see it on a PC, tablet or mobile.

Auto Save

Work without having to worry or wait unnecessarily. We want you to be able to focus on the content, so we’ll worry about saving it while you're unleashing your creativity.

Instant upload

Eliminate waiting times while uploading the file onto the cloud. You can use your image instantly and start working with it while we handle the upload.
Sounds good, right?

Personalize images

Filters, blur, transparency, adjustment, framing, among other options.

Collaborative tool

Allow different users to work on creating the course at the same time.

Intuitive design

We provide a very natural user experience. You’ll learn how to use isEazy effortlessly.

No installation

We use the latest Cloud technology to give you incredible performance.

You choose wherever and whenever you want to work.

Project templates

Create your projects from a template to get the most out of isEazy. Choose the one that best suits your style and start creating.