Helping take the plunge into a new era of e-learning.

Our history

isEazy was founded in 2017 as an idea from within the Bizpills Group, a natural evolution to cover the many needs that our clients told us about and tell us on a daily basis.

Over the last 15 years, we've worked with all kinds of companies (large corporations, universities and SMEs). We were always met with the same concerns: how complicated and difficult it was to make an e-learning course even with content that was simple and brief.

Recognizing this problem and building on the e-learning experience and knowledge of the Bizpills Group, we finally decided to undertake a new adventure and to create the easiest authoring tool with the best results on the market.

And so, as an opportunity to satisfy our Bizpills Group clients and based on a real need to create content independently and easily, isEazy was born.

As time went on it began to take shape, and the results were surprising. There was no tool like it on the market.

The simplicity and flexibility to create courses is astonishing. You only have to focus on the content, and our authoring tool basically does the rest to achieve a professional and attractive result.

We entered the market with the aim of becoming a pioneering company with the strength and security of a leading company in the e-learning sector, and the response couldn't have been better. Now we work with companies like BBVA, ALMIRALL, LINEA DIRECTA and GLOBALIA.

And all thanks to a challenge, an idea and an excellent team of great professionals and extraordinary people.

The group

The Bizpills Group is an innovative technology-based holding company with over 15 years of experience.

Since the company was founded in 2002 as a customized e-learning course developer, the group has grown to become a leader in implementing Human Resources technology projects.

Our story has been defined by constantly developing new technology solutions.

This growth has been possible thanks to the work of our team, our customer-focused approach and the values that make up the unique DNA of the Bizpills Group.