Recently we talked about SCORM and authoring tools, highlighting their advantages compared to other types of formats and showing you the advantages of isEazy compared to other tools. If you think only e-learning instructors can benefit from this kind of tool, read this publication to discover all the possibilities isEazy offers to many other professionals. Here we go!

E-learning instructors

Although we’ve already mentioned them, it’s clear that authoring tools are an essential element in the day to day life of virtual instructors of e-learning courses. They are the main users who will be the most familiar with all of their possibilities.



In-person teachers

These days, with the amount of stimuli students receive every day, instructors have to be on top of their game when creating content that motivates and excites them. isEazy can be the perfect tool for that. A teacher can use isEazy to create material for students to review at home, either before or after their lessons, complementing classroom training and allowing the use of multimedia material that motivates students.

Have you heard the term Inverted Class? The inverted class is a new pedagogical method where, unlike traditional education (where students receives the lesson in class and then perform reinforcement exercises at home), here students receive the lesson at home via online content and later perform exercises and reinforce classroom learning with the teacher. It’s a method created in the United States that has been quite successful, and isEazy can be the perfect ally for teachers who are encouraged by this type of method.

With isEazy teachers can integrate Youtube videos, brilliantly animated presentations or podcasts, and complement them with interactive content such as cards, hotspots or even games: our Alphabet game is incredibly popular! In addition, you don’t need to have an LMS (software for learning management software). Content can be shared via intranet or link. In short, it’s a great contribution to learning. If you’re a teacher or university professor, discover how you can take advantage of isEazy to enhance your students’ learning experience.


Presentations for in-person training

When making presentations, instructors tend to use the classic PowerPoint or other newer tools like Prezi. However, isEazy allows you to create much more entertaining presentations where you can encourage audience participation by making use of its interactive options: for example, performing activities or playing games. Audience participation helps focus their attention and encourages learning engagement, so isEazy can be a great ally for making in-person training sessions more dynamic.



Even if a company is not focusing its efforts on e-learning, a tool like isEazy can be incredibly valuable. Here are some examples:

  • Onboarding. A lot of companies prepare videos or presentations for new hires where they include all the relevant information about the company and the new job, which makes it a valuable tool that helps to integrate new employees into the company. isEazy works wonders for this because it allows you to integrate different multimedia resources and interactive elements to ensure that new professionals get all the information they need in the best way possible. In addition, isEazy has a system of assessments, which helps you verify that all new hires have internalized the knowledge to ensure their proper adjustment to the company. If you work in Human Resources or in the area of Communications of a company, you’ll appreciate what isEazy can do for you to welcome your new co-workers in the most dynamic, useful way.
  • Training in products, services and other areas. All companies require communication and training on their products. A startup, for example, may need a presentation to explain what a new product is, while a more established company may not need it to transmit its values and corporate culture or to present its business results. Those on the commercial side of a company, meanwhile, may also need sales-oriented training on products, or presentations to show the products to their customers, so that they have all the tools necessary to perform their job successfully. isEazy is ideal for product presentations: we even have a template for this! If you’re a product manager or a product owner of a company, you’ll want to check out all the possibilities that isEazy offers to create product presentations for the rest of your teammates.
  • Support for presentations. Presentations made using tools like Powerpoint or Prezi can be very nice, but they lack the interactive element. isEazy can be a great tool for livening up presentations and inviting viewers to participate, either with a game or with interactive elements. If making presentations for your peers, partners or customers is part of your job, take a look at isEazy and see how it can help you set yourself apart from the rest with your presentations.
  • Unshared knowledge. In many companies there is a lot of unshared knowledge, and it‘s useful to document it so that it can reach more people. This includes, for example, manuals, instruction documents and procedures. isEazy is a great tool for documenting all the material in one place and making it dynamic and fun. If you’ve noticed that there’s a lot of unshared knowledge at your company and you want a tool that allows you to create and share knowledge very quickly, isEazy is an excellent choice.

Content creators

Whether you’re a content farm or freelancer dedicated to marketing or content creation, isEazy is a tool that can help you enhance the quality of your products and broaden the spectrum of your business. It’s so simple, dynamic and intuitive that anyone with basic computer knowledge can use it. Content creators are also experts in synthesizing and structuring information so it will not be difficult for them to develop compelling narratives. If you’re a content professional isEazy can open the doors to a new branch of your business.


Do you see yourself reflected in any of these profiles? We’re sure that, one way or another, isEazy can greatly contribute to your professional development.


Happy e-learning!