You will think that with this article we are trying to bring down the rest of the authoring tools on the market, but nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that we are experts in e-learning training and, as such, we have spent years working with authoring tools.

We know better than anybody their strengths and weaknesses, and we have spent a long time thinking about what the perfect tool would be like. To tell the truth, we have spent time working on it and, as of today, we could not be prouder of what we have achieved with isEazy. We’ve created what we always wanted as trainers! Accompany us in discovering why we are in love with isEazy and what differentiates it from the rest.


isEazy, much easier to use

With the passage of years, most software has enormously improved its user experience, but a great many programs continue to need the user to take a short course or tutorial to be able to make the most of all its benefits.

Not with isEazy. We have worked extremely hard to ensure that isEazy is a 100% intuitive program that will guide you through all the steps in creating a course, even if you don’t have experience with it. Our interface is very friendly and you can easily find all the tools you’re looking for; moreover, you can export the course in SCORM format and have it ready to upload to your LMS without the need for any technical knowledge.

Clean design

Do you remember that time you decided to make a Powerpoint document with a clean design and you achieved it?…nor do we. The problem of having a blank canvas (and not knowing much about design) is that we run the risk of filling the screen with information and having screens that don’t correlate with each other. Not with isEazy. isEazy’s cell system lets you format your screens cleanly and in keeping with the course, maintaining the image of your course from A to Z. Our objective in creating this cell system was not to limit you: on the contrary, what we’re seeking is that you focus on what is truly important, your content. You can leave the rest to us 😉


Many online course can only be view in website format. Not isEazy. We have created isEazy so that it can be enjoyed in multi-device format, and that way your students can access the courses from their computer, tablet or mobile. You only need to create the course and the tool takes care of adapting it to the device on which it is being viewed.

Agility in editing content

With isEazy, what you see on screens is what your students will see. This is what is know as WYSIWYG editing (What you see is what you get). In this way, you can customize the content very quickly and make the changes you want very simply. Moreover, your content is saved automatically: if, due to some error, the computer is switched off or the browser is reinitiated, you can relax since isEazy will have saved it up to the last change.


Thousands of copyright-free images

The content, moreover, is not limited to the content you create: isEazy has integrated into it a bank of free, high-quality images with more than half-a-million images for your courses. How many afternoons have you wasted looking for images not protected by copyright for your content? Never again!


Integration with other content-creation services

Moreover, it is integrated with other content services such as Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Google docs, iVoox, Genially…as you can see, the possibilities for creating content within isEazy are infinite.


Gamified content

These days, interactivity in e-learning is more and more important, and gamification is playing a more and more important in learning. Gamification, as well as being didactic, is brilliant fun and breaks the dynamic of the course by making it fresh and entertaining. At isEazy we are very aware of that, and that’s why we include interactive play options:

  • The Alphabet Game: one of our customers’ favorites. Create a fun Alphabet Game where your students will compete against the clock and will put everything they’ve learnt on the course to the test. In this one-minute video you can see how easy it is to set it up and how much fun it can be.

  • Trivial Pursuit Game: the classic board game can be part of your training courses. In this video we explain how!

  • Swipe Game: A really dynamic and quick way to make your students play against the clock. Watch this video to see an example of how to implement it:


Bespoke infographics

At isEazy we know that visual content helps with learning: therefore, we have an element for making animated infographics, where you’ll be able to build infographic content without the need to master design tools. You provide the knowledge, and isEazy formats it so that within only a few seconds you have a visual and informative representation of your contact, as impactful as it can be!  


More differentiating characteristics

Pero esto no es todo, isEazy cuenta con algunas otras ventajas que te encantarán:

But that’s not all: isEazy has some other benefits that you’ll love:

  • Slide-type formatting: compared to website-type formatting on other authoring tools, to have a slide as a reference framework when formatting your content allows you to structure your courses in a much more pedagogical manner for your students. A screen, an idea. It couldn’t be clearer!
  • The option to form distributed teams without multiplying your costs: spread only one message to your collaborators, wherever they are.
  • Voiceover: did you know that in isEazy you can include voiceover and subtitles with a couple of clicks? Your much more dynamic e-learning courses without making your life difficult. Could anybody ask for more?

Different bespoke plans

In choosing a tool, it’s to be expected that you want to try and mess around with it before you decide to make an investment. Unlike other tools in the market, isEazy has a very extensive free plan where you’ll have most of the functionalities, as well as payment plans adapted to your budget:

  • Starter Plan, where for only €29/month (€26/month with the annual plan) you can create up to 10 projects with 1GB of storage.
  • Professional Plan, where for €69/month (€63/month with the annual plan) you can create unlimited projects with 5GB of storage and access to more functionalities, browsing styles and fonts;
  • Business Plan, where for €199/month (€182/month with the annual plan) you can create unlimited projects with 12GB of storage, two authors per project (at isEazy we love teamwork), collaborative editing and priority support from our team. €199 to be able to create all the courses you want and be able to edit them to your taste whenever you need to? We think it’s a real bargain!

Do you need more reasons to use isEazy in your training courses? If you have any questions, suggestions or contributions, leave us a message in the comments.

Happy e-learning!