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Useful guide for e-learning content generation

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Discover how to optimize your e-learning content creation process

As you well know, the production of an online course requires the involvement of many actors: content experts, training managers, content production providers… This, added to the technological component required by the e-learning sector, and the fact that in many organizations they do not have the necessary experience yet, can cause the phases of the production process to extend over a long period of time, making it long, tedious and, above all, expensive.

However, creating quality content can take 50% less time. A good process is the key. Download our whitepaper and find out how to improve your productivity and create quality content for your students:

  • You will have a global and systematic vision of the whole production process of an online course, from the moment the need arises until the course is ready to be delivered.

  • You will learn how to calculate how much time is needed for each phase.

  • You will discover good practices, tricks and strategies to save time at specific moments, so that the whole process is shorter and the result more satisfactory.