We’ve made big changes to isEazy that will make the way you work more satisfying and efficient than ever. We’ve also joined forces with the latest eLearning trends with the new Express course format.

Here’s our news:

Slide templates

Forget about always starting with a white template when creating your slides; now you can use all kinds of templates, designed to make you buzz with joy whilst creating your content.

Are you looking for a slide to talk about your team? Or maybe you want to explain a process step by step… Done! We have templates for everything. Just customize your content without having to worry about everything else.

Currently, there are two different styles for your courses, but you can enjoy lots more soon.

Also, if you have a Corporate account you can request your own custom template (contact us at sales@iseazy.com for more information).

Add more color to your courses

Now, in addition to using plain colors in your elements, you can enjoy the new gradient color tool. This tool will add a new dimension to your designs.

Do you want even more? Try using a gradient as a color filter over your images to make spectacular covers.


New format for Express Courses

The latest trends in the world of eLearning increasingly support short and fresh content. Easy to consume formats that guarantee greater training success. That’s why we now offer the new Express Courses format designed for your most flexible training courses.


Unlimited tries in your assessments

Do you want your students to have to pass the final assessment to finish the course? No problem, now you can configure the test with unlimited tries until they pass. That way, your students will be able to try it as many times as they want until they make the cut-off grade.


Completion window

Personalize the message your students will see when they complete the course and congratulate them on a job well done.


Improvements in text editing

Enjoy the new text editor with enhanced capabilities:

  • Add formulas in KaTeX format.
  • You can also use your text as a sub or superscript.
  • More freedom: now you can separately align your paragraphs horizontally.
  • Create your bullet points with as many levels as you need.


SCORM 2004

Do you have an LMS compatible with SCORM 2004? You’ll like this: now you can export your projects to this new format and enjoy its benefits.


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