isEazy has added a ton of new features you can’t miss out on. Enjoy with the most complete authoring tool on the market.

Here are some of our new features:

New synchronized edition

Setting up your interactive elements is now easier than ever. You will always see the correct settings panel for each view of your interactive elements. This greatly simplifies the editing and review process.

For example: when you try your ABC exercise, you will always see the editor that corresponds to each question.

More WYSIWYG than ever!*

* (WYSIWYG is an acronym that means “what you see is what you get,” and it refers to tools that allow you to see the final result as you edit the content.)


Improved design

We’ve revamped the entire platform design to make it even easier to use. Buttons and controls are now more clearly identified. We’ve also revised our color palette for more contrast and increased readability of all texts.


New vertical panel infographic

We added a new design to the animated infographics collection. This infographic is perfect for showing processes in layouts where horizontal panels are not convenient.

Improvements for videos

Video-based training is an increasingly growing trend. That’s why we keep improving our video resources, so you have more options for your trainings.

Now, you can add subtitles to your videos in VTT format and choose whether or not the playback controls are displayed.

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Happy elearning!