isEazy has added a ton of new features you can’t miss out on. We want you to start off the academic year full of enthusiasm with the most complete authoring tool on the market.

Here are some of our new features:

Make your courses more creative by combining fonts *

Now you can give your content a more creative look by using a different font for your titles and texts.

Plus, if you have a Business account, you can use your own corporate fonts. Email us at for more information.

Make your Express courses on smartphones much more appealing

We’ve changed the mobile experience to make Express courses appear much more like their desktop version. This makes browsing your content a lot easier and simpler.


More inspiration… with our new style templates:
Traveling / Gym / Presenter

We’ve designed new template styles for you to use in your courses. Adapt your texts and images and enjoy our new selection of styles.


Our slides editor is now more visual than ever

We’ve made some changes to the slides editor so you can view your content in a way that’s much cleaner and similar to how it will appear in your course. The Add Elementindicators will now become invisible when you remove the mouse from the edit area so you can see how your design is looking.


Create internal links in a much more creative way

You can now use the Linked Images item to create internal links in your course and provide a much more creative browsing experience. You can use it, for example, to create a content index at the beginning of each section or to link to the theory slides after performing a simulation or exercise using this resource.

In addition, if your course has sequential navigation, internal links to other parts of the course that are blocked will be shown up as blocked without you having to worry about it.

More possibilities for feedback in your ABC exercises

Would you like to add specific feedback to each question in an ABC exercise? Done! Now you can guide your students through self-learning with this new utility.

New embedding service: LOOM

Now you can directly embed your videos created with the LOOM tool.

This tool lets you record videos from your screen with a synchronized video explanation. Find out more here: 


* These features are only available for Professional and Business accounts.


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