At isEazy we are always working so that you can enjoy the many improvements of our platform for the creation of e-learning courses.

Latest updates you can’t miss out on:

Sequential browsing

Would you like to choose the type of browsing that your students can use for the course? Now you can choose between free browsing or sequential navigation.

Sequential navigation will make the user complete all the interactive elements of the slide in order to continue. This is, the student must interact and visualise all the contents. What if the student didn’t view all the elements of a slide? In this case, the student won’t be able to continue. Until all the contents have been visualised, the “continue” button will appear with a padlock.

herramienta de autor Navegación secuencial

New “Grouping” activity

Thanks to the “Grouping” activity, you can make your course more dynamic, letting your students learn in a more fun way.

The student will have to place the cards that appear in their corresponding group. How? Easily! Dragging the element towards its group and releasing it.

When the student finishes the activity, he/she will be able to see the number of hits!

What can you use this element for?  This resource is perfect to practice classification of concepts or even for true or false activities.

herramienta de autor ejercicio agrupar

New element: “Points of interest”

Now, you can also make your images more interactive. Use icons so that your student can discover more information by clicking on them.

Another option is using the points of interest to create interactive maps, making your charts and/or infographics more interactive.

herramienta de autor puntos de interés

Improvements to the gallery

If you need to show a step-by-step of a process, conclusions or a group of famous quotes, you can use this resource.

You can also enjoy different layout modes and add rich text.

herramienta de autor mejoras en galeria

Improvements to the text element

Add icons to the text on your slides. This will make your course more attractive, helping the student to visualise, conceptualise, understand and remember the texts.

And if this wasn’t enough, you can now add links to websites that complement your course’s content.

herramienta de autor mejoras imagen texto

New element: “image/text”

Just what you were waiting for. You can now add text over images! You can add text over the entire image, inside a box or over a gradient effect. Whichever you want!

If you want to make it even more interactive, you can add an animation.

herramienta de autor mejoras imagen texto

Card animation

Discover this unlimited educational resource! You can now choose from different animations for this interactive element: vertical, blend, slide horizontally.

Use it to place the question on the one side and the answer on the other. Ask the user questions like “Did you know…?” and make him/her interact with the card to learn more.

herramienta de autor animaciones en tarjetas

New element: “download”

Do you have documents that complement your online course? With this resource you can upload all these documents so that your students can download them.

En isEazy siempre estamos trabajando para que puedas disfrutar de muchas mejoras en nuestra plataforma de creación de cursos e-learning.

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