The e-learning course creation sector is advancing rapidly, and it is logical that different formats and designs will appear every now and then to meet the growing and more varied demand for online courses.

That’s why isEazy is continually renewing itself and expanding your content creation possibilities. You now have the ability to create express courses. What are they? They are short, dynamic courses, with a maximum of 10 slides that offer the same possibilities for interactivity as classic courses. They are displayed with vertical navigation, making them ideal for reading on smartphones.


That’s why express courses are perfect for when you’re creating microlearning content and need a dynamic and entertaining format. In addition to all the capabilities of classic courses in terms of settings and interactivity, express courses also use the recently implemented template system. You can create slides from scratch or speed up the process of creating your courses using the spectacular templates available to you

What utilities can you offer in your express courses?

Express courses are designed for dynamic and direct content. 

You will sometimes come across content that, because of its brevity, requires a very fast format. That’s why isEazy has created express courses, to make room for even more dynamic content like:

  • Microlearning, where content is modulated and broken down into tiny individual ”learning pills” that tackle a particular skill or problem. The duration of each pill shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes, a perfect duration to maintain maximum concentration. This way, you ensure your message really sinks in with the students.
  • Customer newsletters. Don’t miss the opportunity to inform your customers about developments, products or news of interest. Using isEazy‘s express courses, the process of creating and validating your newsletters is greatly simplified, as you can do so without the figure of a designer or programmer and without sacrificing the graphic quality and visual impact of your communications.
  • Your internal communications. This communication must be direct and concise. It can’t be burdensome because it is important to keep the reader’s attention throughout. Because of their visual impact and interactivity, express courses are ideal for distributing, for example, notices to your employees, quick product developments or changes in regulations and processes.

Because they are characterized by providing reduced and direct information, express courses adapt perfectly to this format, with the added plus of visual appeal and interactivity.


5 tricks for your express courses

There are certain tricks that will help you make your express courses more eye-catching:

  1. Provide a good summary of the information so it’s straightforward and easy to understand.
  2. Take advantage of all the interactivity elements that isEazy offers you, such as cards, galleries and linked images, to make your content very visual. 
  3. With training content, you can include an activity to make the course more entertaining.
  4. Don’t overload slides with too much information, as this will make reading more cumbersome.
  5. Choose images that successfully transmit your messages. An image is worth a thousand words!

As you can see, the new express course format is designed so your content can reach your audience very quickly, maintaining visual impact and dynamism. Make the most of all the benefits isEazy has to offer you!


Happy e-learning!