You probably already know Google Forms, one of the simplest tools for creating forms and compiling information for free. But, did you know that you can integrate Google Forms into your isEazy courses? It’s true! Below we’ll tell you how to do it and all the ways your can make the most of it. Let’s go!

The benefits of Google Forms

Undertaking questionnaires through Google Forms has many benefits:

  • The forms can be customized. You can use the subjects that appear by default on Google Forms or include images and photos to create an original form adapted to your brand’s look & feel.
  • You can customize the type of questions. You can ask open questions, multiple choice questions, questions in which the student can mark several answers, questions to answer on a numerical scale or even to add images and Youtube videos.
  • More sophisticated questionnaires. As well as what has been explained, you can even make questionnaires within a decision tree or filter questions.
  • Multi-device. You can create and answer questionnaires from your computer or mobile.
  • Collaborative questionnaires. You can create the questionnaires collaboratively by adding people to your document, just as you can do with the rest of the tools in the Google Suite.
  • The answers are received in real time. Therefore, if you ask your students a question, you’ll receive the answers immediately, as they answer.
  • Organized answers. The answers to your forms are compiled automatically: you can view them with graphics or see the complete data in a spreadsheet.

How can you make the most of your training courses?

Perhaps using Google Forms is not the first thing that comes to mind when creating your e-learning courses. We therefore give you some ideas here about how to use it creatively:

  • Use it to know your starting point. A good way of using Google Forms may be to quickly assess your students before the course begins, without this assessment counting towards their final grade. It’s an easy way to know how much your students know, and you can use it to adapt, eliminate or add content. At the end of the course, you can measure how much they’ve learnt on the course and whether there is any area for improvement. 
  • Use it to obtain feedback. Without a doubt, the most widespread use. You can use Google Forms to obtain feedback from your students: at the end of the course, ask them what they thought of the course, what the most useful areas were and what the areas to improve are. Ask open questions and also use answers with numerical scales (for example, from 1 to 10) so that you’ll later obtain a course feedback graphic. This is a very valuable resource so that you can improve and update your content.
  • Use it to make questionnaires. You can use it to make little questionnaires during the course: for example, to learn more about the sociodemographic characteristics of your students, their interests and their skills. This information can give you very interesting content to adapt your course to the needs of your audience. For example, imagine you discover that most of your students usually spend an hour a day on public transportation. In knowing it, you may prefer your course to be 100% adapted to mobiles so they can make the most of their travel time to make progress with their studies.
  • Use it to curate content. Who better than your students to know what they’re interested in and what not? Through them you can gather information of interest (Youtube videos, articles, links to other training) to share them later with the rest of the students.
  • Use it so that your students develop content. Depending on the nature of your course, it’s possible there may be times when you need to assess your students through the development of a text (and not only answering multiple-choice questions). Google Forms lets you do it!


How to integrate it into your isEazy courses

Integrate Google Forms into your isEazy courses is simpler than you think. You only have to follow the following steps:


1. Go to Google Forms

Remember you must be logged in with your Google username. If you already have a Google form you can select it; if not, you have to create it from scratch. Below we’ll create one for those readers who are not completely familiar with the tool.


2. Create your form

You can choose to create a blank form or use any of the topics the tool offers you. Once you’ve finished, your questionnaire could look like this:


3. Copy your form’s URL

All the Google documents have a unique URL. Obtain it from the Share button.


4. On isEazy go to the Embed option

And, within it, include your form’s URL. If, after adding them, you see a green check at the side, you’ve pasted it correctly. If you see a red cross, it means you’ve not copied the URL correctly and you’ll have to verify it.


5. Go to the preview to see how your form looks on isEazy.

If you’ve inserted everything correctly, your isEazy screen will look like this:


The students can scroll within the screen to be able to answer all the questions on your form.


6. View the students’ answers

You can see the students’ answers in real time as they answer. You can do so on the same form on the “Answers” tab.


Other options

Did you know that, as well as GoogleForms, on isEazy it’s possible to integrate any GoogleDocs document? For example, you have a product file in pdf format, or a corporate presentation that you want to show as it is but you don’t want to make it a download option. Upload it to GoogleDocs and embed it in your isEazy!

You can do the same with a spreadsheet, in which you show that very interesting graphic about your company’s latest results. Why waste time reformatting content if you can add it directly from its original source?


Would you like to use Google Forms in your next isEazy course?

Happy e-learning!