At isEazy, we love to keep bringing you the latest and most useful features on the market. We also like good news, and today we have some fantastic news to share! We’re launching isEazy Go. It’s a new training environment to share your isEazy courses, without the need to export to external platforms.

If you are an isEazy user, you already know how easy it is to create, edit, and share online courses with our tool. SCORM, website, links… the distribution options we offer you are many and each one responds to a training need. However, we have gone a step further to make sharing your online courses even easier.

isEazy Go: your own training environment, without leaving isEazy

It’s ready! IsEazy Go is an all-in-one solution that helps you simplify the process of distributing your courses, so you just focus on the content and don’t worry about anything else. isEazy Go is as simple as:

  • Create your isEazy course as usual
  • Publish it in your new isEazy Go training environment
  • Distribute your course by inviting your students through a link
  • Analyze your students’ performance, in real time

And all this in a simple, agile, and intuitive environment

Check it out if:

  • Your company does not have a training platform, and you need to manage your employees’ learning with autonomy: you need a simple training environment like isEazy Go! Imagine being able to send them your courses with just one click.
  • You are a freelancer, and you don’t have a training platform: offer your customers a more complete service or teach courses with fewer complications. You just worry about the quality of the course and student follow-up. With isEazy Go, you will have your own platform where you can publish all your content in a professional environment.
  • Your company has a training platform, but sometimes you need faster processes. Do weeks of paperwork prevent new hires from accessing training on your usual platform? Do you need to speed up the training process for your new talent or external personnel? isEazy Go is perfect for you. We can help you provide training to external personnel or new staff in a matter of minutes. You will be surprised at how fast the process is, as they can sign up through the course invitation link.

How does it work? It’s very simple! All it takes is 4 steps:

Step 1: Customize your training environment

You can choose the name of your environment through a subdomain in isEazy. For example:

Then, you have the option to customize it with your corporate image through a wide color palette where, of course, you may include your logo, the backgrounds and photographs of your choice, and header texts.

Step 2: Set up your training groups

Do you have many students from different departments and need to group them together?  From isEazy Go, you can create groups and automatically generate invitations for each of them in a matter of minutes. You can also assign your students to one or more groups. Once they sign up, they will automatically access their courses.

For example, imagine that you have divided your students into several groups: marketing, human resources, sales, etc. Each group will see the courses that apply to them: the marketing department will see the marketing courses; the human resources department will see the HR courses; etc. Additionally, all of them will be assigned a general category in which they will participate by default, for those courses that you want all your students to take.

Step 3: Edit and publish your course

You already know that creating a course in isEazy is super simple. Our mantra is to make everything very easy! Remember that you can use more than 20 predefined interactive elements, include gamification elements, and even use our wide catalog of graphics.

After creating and editing your course, you can publish it with just one click.

Select which groups of students will have access to your course. You will automatically see this course on the platform when you log in with your username and password. You can also invite your students by generating a self-registration link using the “generate link” button.

Fast and easy, right? And best of all, there will be no waiting and no extra work for you; you don’t have to upload the course anywhere, or test whether it works or not. We take care of everything for you. You may be wondering, how can it be so simple?

Step 4: Track your students’ progress

But wait, there’s more! Thanks to our analytics, after your students have signed up, you will be able to know how many users you have, when they started the course, when they completed it, your students’ progress, and the grade they obtained. Additionally, all this data can be exported in Excel format.

But that’s not all!

You’ll have a dashboard with several options:

  • Student and group management: allows you to have a quick overview of the students you have signed up in isEazy Go and to manage your training groups.
  • Global analysis: allows you to view the list of courses you have published in isEazy Go. From this same list, you can also quickly access course analytics: the number of courses published, the date of publication, the students enrolled, their average grade, and the status of the course.

How do students view your courses?

Wondering how your students will view the training course? Remember that you can use your logo and customize your image 100%. Your students will access a very simple, user-friendly, and responsive platform. After signing up or logging in, they will be taken to the home screen of your training environment where they will see the courses you have invited them to.

Once inside the course, they can see the summary where the basic information for the course is shown: cover image, title, number of slides, and the percentage of progress, in case they have already started the course.  A short description of the course and table of contents will also be available.


We are convinced that isEazy Go will revolutionize the current distribution system of online courses, and we want you to join us and participate in it. Are you ready to give it a try? You can now try isEazy Go for free with up to 3 students. Even if you have a free plan!

If you prefer, you may also subscribe to it from your administrator panel in any of our plans: professional, business, and enterprise. Check out our different isEazy Go plans here.

Are you new to isEazy? Still haven’t tried it out? Don’t miss out on the No. 1 software on the market for creating e-learning courses.  There’s never been a better time. Try isEazy today.