As you already know, in our blog you’ll find a wide variety of content on e-learning courses and how to make the most of our tool. We love theory, but practical knowledge sometimes makes things a lot easier. That’s why we’re presenting you with one of our most interesting case studies, our project with Prosegur.

With more than 40 years of experience in the private security sector, technological innovation is at the heart of success for the leading company in Spain. Their professionals make the world a safer place, and this can only be achieved (and maintained!) if the entire team receives high-quality training.

Do you want to know how their e-learning experts developed a global training project using a single e-learning tool? Here we go! ?

How isEazy helped Prosegur develop a global and centralized training project

What was the challenge?

Prosegur needed to find a global and cloud-based solution, which would allow them to optimize the production times of their e-learning content, to effectively train more than 160,000 employees. In addition, it would have to meet the needs of a decentralized team, located in several different countries.

On the other hand, it was essential for their training team to work autonomously: “The current market tools require a certain level of expertise in their use, and their learning curve is often too steep,” says Miguel Herraiz Posada, Global Coordinator of E-learning at Prosegur.

Simply put, Prosegur needed to:

  • Streamline the production times of all their training processes.
  • Create dynamic courses that could be implemented on a large scale.
  • Collaborate across teams, regardless of geographic location.

iseazy examples case study prosegur

What solution did isEazy provide?

isEazy is the only e-learning tool that made it possible to streamline the course creation process for the Prosegur training department. Even for those professionals without previous technical knowledge or extensive experience in creating this type of content.

The company highlighted three significant contributions from isEazy:

  • Being able to collaborate on a large scale: work is always collaborative and performed in real time, with all projects cloud-based, which saves trainers a lot of time.
  • Eye-catching, effortless designs: the large number of interactive elements, which were very easy to include, made training more dynamic than ever.
  • Easily share their content: regardless of where the team is located, they now share their courses on SCORM, via the company intranet or through a direct link.

iseazy case study

The results quickly became clear: 5x faster production of their e-learning courses, with 150+ projects created in just a few months.

“isEazy allows us to shorten the learning curve, especially compared to other authoring tools in the market. In fact, we expect to continue rolling it out in other countries to facilitate the process of producing e-learning content.



4 things you can do to streamline your content creation processes…

… and get the same incredible results as Prosegur

Effective e-learning course creation, even on a large scale, is not only for big companies like Prosegur. Any company can do this with the right e-learning solution. Here are four key tips for streamlining your training content creation processes:

Choose a content creation tool with pre-defined templates

Starting out by creating your online courses with pre-set templates, where you just have to add the information, is essential, especially if you have a lot of projects to create. isEazy also allows you to reuse all your content. Imagine creating a single resource and being able to replicate it as many times as you need… now it’s possible!

Create your content in SCORM format

To make the most of your time, the SCORM format is key. It tracks user progress in the training program, so you can easily see which aspects of the content you need to reinforce. In addition, you can integrate your courses into your LMS, optimizing your processes from start to finish.

If you want to know more, find out all about SCORM format when creating your online courses.

Use video (… and other interactive elements)

Adding videos to your courses, as well as other interactive elements, such as podcasts or games, allows you to condense information and boost user motivation. This way, your audience will connect better with your course and grasp the knowledge more easily. Because who wants to create boring content? ?

Get your employees to play

Assessments within e-learning courses are essential to ensure their effectiveness. With the right tool, you can take advantage of gamification to analyze the outcomes. Games, tests, exercises…with isEazy, incorporating these types of interactive elements has never been easier. In this post, we’ll tell you about the basics of e-learning gamification.

Do you want your e-learning processes to be as effective? Try isEazy and start creating your e-learning projects now!