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New interactive element: Linked images

These are a very versatile interactive element. To configure this element you must design a series of screens or scenes in which you can place a background image, an optional text or a series of navigation elements that will allow the user to access other images using your on-screen navigation.
This will allow you to create contents that can be navigated as you wish with the ability to create a great number of situations and exercises.

With this new interactive element the limit is your creativity.

Creation of interactive maps with different levels

Creation of didactic maps with different levels

Creation of application or prototype simulations

Create questions and answers with interactive feedback

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It’s an element that will allow to show a percentage in a very simple way. This type of element is ideal for displaying statistics.

Text Frames

Now you can choose the type of frame you prefer. You can choose between fine, thick, double frame, silhouette, dots or a single line on each of the 4 sides of the box. You can use the frames to highlight information, get more visual contrast, fix attention or group concepts.

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