If you’ve made it this far, your company may be having some difficulties in training its professionals. We know that it’s not always easy to plan for training projects, let alone design, develop and distribute them without investing countless hours in the process. So, how can you give your employees the knowledge they need to meet all your business needs? Actually, it can be quite complicated if you don’t have the most suitable means available to create e-learning content, tailored to your training needs.

Strategies to optimize the e-learning course creation process

In order to train a large team, without investing hours and hours in e-learning content creation, the first thing companies need to do is simplify their training processes. With isEazy, find out about the strategies that we recommend to all our clients to speed up the content creation process, so you can implement it as well in just a few simple steps.

Get started by providing your company’s training managers with user-friendly and dynamic tools, allowing them to be completely autonomous when it comes to creating their own content. Thanks to this digital tool, your e-learning team will no longer need to rely on external training services and will be able to create all the in-house courses you need, anytime, anywhere.

It is important to choose an authoring tool that can create e-learning courses with autonomy and efficiency, allowing to design engaging… engaging, agile and interactive content to capture the user’s attention.

Also, t’s important to consider the needs of the training department, so that they can create training projects from the very start. Some of these needs may be:

Having a tool that does not require technical know-how. Keep in mind that many content editors are often complex tools, requiring a high level of technical know-how and a major investment of time to learn how to use them. This is what you must avoid at all costs.

isEazy tips: choose an agile and intuitive tool with a slide layout system for easy content creation.

Being able to work with other team members simultaneously. That is, having a tool that enables real-time collaboration, thus optimizing the time invested in content creation.

No installation necessary, all cloud-based. This way, the training department can access and create e-learning courses from the very start, from anywhere.

In addition to teamwork, organization is made easier with a tool that allows you to build different work environments and organize content by folders and projects.

Having the option to share and reuse resources, which helps minimize course production time. This way, your team will be able to use of all the previous content created in other formats, such as PowerPoint.

isEazy tips: at this point, it’s essential that the tool you choose also allows you to share the contents in SCORM, so you can simply upload these to your LMS platform.

Create engaging and professional content. Remember that in addition to optimizing the content creation process, it’s important to achieve the best possible results. To do this, it’s better to use tools that allow training content creators to include interactive elements, such as infographics, games, tests and videos, for a unique learning experience that is both engaging and fun for the audience.

The Cuatrecasas success story: more than 100 content pieces in just two years!

Cuatrecasas is a top law firm in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, with extensive experience in all areas of business law.

The company, which has a diverse multidisciplinary team of more than 1,000 lawyers representing 25 different nationalities, needed to equip its training department with the latest technology available in order to create e-learning content autonomously and efficiently. This came with a key requirement: avoid having to spend countless hours learning about the tool to be able to create engaging and professional courses.

“Before using isEazy, we had produced only 6 in-house content pieces in more than 5 years, and it was so labor-intensive and required so much time that we ended up outsourcing the design and production.”

Gemma Villabí Roda, Training Manager at Cuatrecasas.

In just two years, with the help of isEazy, Cuatrecasas has managed to get the entire training team involved, turning content creation into a more dynamic, simple and accessible process for all. Achieve a 20-fold increase in the creation of e-learning courses  and boost employee enthusiasm and motivation, making sure they receive continuous training that is tailored to their needs. Want to know more? We’ll tell you all about the Cuatrecasas success story here.

Would you like to implement this in your company? At isEazy, we’ll help you improve your training projects in just a few clicks. Sign up for free and access the e-learning course creation tool that the top international companies are already using.