As we mentioned before in the blog, interaction in our e-learning courses is an ideal resource to retain students’ engagement. Interest points, for example, are interactive items and are very interesting for students to click. When they do, additional information appears in an additional text box. They are ideal for generating interest and learning more. When interacting with content, students focus on learning.

Do you know when and how to use them? Keep reading and see how!

Take note on how to use points of interest in your e-learning courses:


1 · To explain specific areas of an image

This is without doubt, the most common use of points of interest. If you want to explain specific areas of an image, use points of interest to highlight them. The next example shows how they are used to highlight areas of the human body in an anatomy course:

2 · To give instructions

Points of interest can be the perfect way to provide instructions, especially on screens without text. See the following example:

3 · To ask questions you will answer

Asking questions that you will answer is a much-used resource in e-learning, and points of interest allow you to invite students to interact with content without having to use two screens. See the following example:  


4 · To avoid using too much text on the screen

When you need to provide a lot of information on a screen, points of interest can help you split the information in various paragraphs and make it interactive. This will help to keep the text neat, and provide the visual clarity that all good e-learning courses need. See the following example on how to do it:


5 · To provide extra information

Sometimes we have information that is not essential, but that we would like to include to our students. In these cases, points of interest can be very useful for “Did you know?” information, warnings or asking questions.

6 · To tag information on a graphs or infographs

Showing graphs or infographs enriches learning, but filling screens with text or numbers may oversaturate the course and make it tedious and tiring. Points of interest let us generate interaction on infographs, which enriches learning and keeps screens clean and clear.

isEazy provides various possibilities for points of interest. You can include as many as you want on each screen and personalize various items, such as text, placing it on the screen, and the size, color and form of icons. You now know how streamlined isEazy is!

Do you normally use points of interest in e-learning courses? As always, we love to receive comments!

Happy e-learning!