We have known e-learning authoring tools for some time now, but their acceptance has been so quick that their potential is not yet 100% understood. These pieces of software have been able to adapt and become useful tools that speed up the creation of e-learning courses and, thanks to their use, companies save time and money. Nevertheless, they have other features that allow the work of the trainer and internal content creators to be undertaken more quickly and capitalized on, as well as making training sessions more scalable and easier to disseminate. Among all these features, there are four key ones.

4 features of authoring tools that offer incredible value

1. Multi-device content creation

Nowadays, users need their e-learning courses content to be viewable on any device, especially on mobile phones. The study “The impact of coronavirus on smartphone use” by Smartme Analytics in Spain explains that the time we dedicate to our smartphones each day has increased by more than 38% since the health crisis began. This is one of the reasons why authoring tools have had to adapt to responsive design: now users want to be able to access content from anywhere and at any time, without giving up interactivity. Making static courses and using tools with almost no interactive features for mobile devices is not how a multi-device course should be approached.

2. Catalog of multimedia and interactive elements

A powerful course sets itself apart from a mediocre one because of the elements it has (visual aids, audiovisual materials, interactive features, etc.). It is necessary to ensure that the tool has access to a catalog of elements that covers the author’s “creative needs” and which also helps the training to be attractive for the user. This makes acquiring knowledge easier and helps increase student engagement.

Let’s not just focus on pictures. Currently, there are all sorts of resources available. At isEazy, you can find more than 20 interactive elements like “linked scenes” and “points of interest,” as well as dynamics that lean more towards gamification like our “alphabet game,” “trivia” game, and many others.

Discover the more than 20 types of interactive activities offered by isEazy to create trainings that engage with your students.

3. Simple template and layout system 

In order to exponentially increase productivity when creating e-learning courses by not having to start from scratch (when preparing each slide and not having to position each element individually), it’s a good idea to have predefined templates and a layout system that is easy to use. An authoring tool should allow you to use real templates; templates that let slide order and content be fully modified in an easy way. This helps you profit on the time and effort invested.

At isEazy, we know how important this is when creating a course. That is why we offer a complete list of e-learning courses templates designed for any training use or need that you may have – and we update our template catalog with each new version.

4. Translation to several languages almost automatically

Translating the contents of a course to several languages without the proper tools brings about an unnecessary waste of time and effort. Extracting the text from every element, translating it, and putting it back into a new version is a task that can take days of work. Companies need fast, scalable solutions that make it easy to create online content for the entire team, no matter what their language may be. That is why having a good content translation system can help you save many thousands per year.

An extra feature: EASY software that doesn’t require any previous training

The best possible feature you could have is for your online course creation software to be easy to use, intuitive, have no learning curve, and need no previous training. This way, your team, and any other content creator in your organization can feel comfortable and confident with the software and the end result, so that you can use it again and again.

Are you familiar with the number 1 software for e-learning content creation?

This article lists some authoring tool features, but we at isEazy always take things a step further. Our tool is the simplest on the market and one of the most complete; it is a solution that has been specifically designed for anyone in your organization to be able to easily create attractive and dynamic courses with professional results – even without any technical know-how. In addition, it allows collaborative editing of courses with no need for software installation, it provides access to a vast amount of impactful and captivating resources to make your audience fall in love, and it offers effortless content dissemination, allowing LMS integration and online publishing.

You can’t ask for anything else, here at isEazy we continue to evolve and offer new features on an ongoing basis. Want to discover everything our authoring tool has to offer? Register for free with isEazy for unlimited time and start to create your e-learning courses.