2020 will go down in history as the year in which we changed our way of working. Teleworking has become a priority and online training has gained a foothold as a response to the need to continue learning despite mobility limitations.

We at isEazy wish to do our part so that the creation of elearning courses during remote working is even simpler. That’s why today we’re presenting isEazy Enterprise, an account that includes new professional features in addition to all the ones you know and love.

The new Enterprise account offers numerous advantages, like personalized templates, translation tools, and a version log so that you don’t miss a thing. Would you like to learn more? Let’s do it!

Creation of custom templates

Do you have your own expert design team and a very specific corporate identity? With this new Enterprise account feature, your creative team will be able to develop corporate templates that are fully customized in whatever style you want and share them with the training designers. Let your content creators focus on what they really know – the material – and take the visual possibilities to the max thanks to your graphic designers and the new templates. They’ll be the perfect team!

What advantages are there to custom templates?

  • Consistency and homogeneity in all courses: regardless of who is drafting the content, the result will be homogeneous for all the materials created – and this will help you convey your corporate identity in a more coherent way.
  • Even easier: having custom templates makes the work a lot easier and more intuitive for course authors because they can focus their efforts on the contents and forget about the design.
  • Quality results: you’ll get professional design results whether your company’s content creators are talented designers or not.
  • Fully adaptable: create specific slide templates that meet the unique needs of the organization.
  • Constant control and updating: being in control of your templates makes them always be updated, so they can meet the needs of the content creators, no matter when.

Smart Colors: an essential extra feature

With your Enterprise account, another added feature regarding template creation is the possibility of creating Smart Color palettes. What’s that?

This is a color palette that is fully customized for the template and in which colors are dynamic. For example, if you have several business lines or you want to differentiate between content by subject or knowledge area, they can use the same template but with different color palettes. Sounds great, right?

new enterprise license iseazyTranslation tool

A new feature that is tremendously useful – especially for international companies. How many times have you had to create a copy of a project and translate it slide by slide? With the translation feature, this task becomes enormously easier in just three easy steps.

  1. Export the original content: identify the project that you want to translate and export its content in HTML format, ready for translation.
  2. Translate: Now you can translate your content internally or send it to your translation company. In this case, your translators can import the file in standard CAT tools like memsource, memoQ, smartCat, and Tradós SDL. You can also try translating your content with Google Translate.
  3. Import the translated content: the last step, once the content has been translated, is to import it. When you do this, a new project will be created that will include the translated texts once the import has been completed.

As you can see, this is a simple and pretty practical process that will save you hours of work substituting the original content for the translated one screen by screen.

Enterprise license iseazyVersion log

Are you worried about making changes to your project and not being able to recover previous versions if you change your mind? Worry no more! The new Enterprise account also offers you a version tracking and backup system. As you edit your project, suggested restore points will appear in case you want to restore the changes after they have been erased and/or after having made several modifications.

In addition, you can set a restore point for a version at any time and give it a name to be able to restore your project with that version easily and once again work on it whenever you want.

Thus, you have two ways to save backup copies of your projects:

  • Suggested restore points: these will be created automatically after making a certain number of changes to the project or when publishing it, and they will be deleted automatically as time passes so that you don’t have to worry about their management.
  • Restore points created manually by the user: you can save the project in whatever stage you’re currently in or save a suggested restore point that interests you. Manually created points are very useful to set versions before making big changes to the contents or to be able to determine at which points the project underwent confirmation.

With the version tracking system, you know that you’ll be able to recover erased sections, subsections, and slides if necessary in the future.

Enjoy all the features of Business

In addition to these new features, the new Enterprise account also has all the features already present in the Business account like environments, collaborative editing, corporate font selection, and priority support.

The future of your e-learning trainings, now more than ever, in your hands with the new features that isEazy Enterprise brings you. Are you going to miss them?