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The (re) evolution of e-learning in companies – WHITEPAPER

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New models of business training

This past year has upended the way corporate training is conducted. Covid-19 and its consequences, especially social distancing and remote workinghave forced companies to quickly adapt their training programs. They have now had to switch to a 100% online format to ensure that their objectives continue to be met, minimize risks and get the most out of the resources invested in training.  

Even if we removed the current Covid-19 pandemic from the equation, a shift towards a new training model was already becoming evident. The use of the internet, new devices and digital communication formats have led to significant changes in the habits of employees, which is forcing companies to rethink how to implement training programs that respond to these new needs and preferences. 

What benefits can e-learning bring to your company?

The first incentive for adopting the new model is market recognition. Organizations that are better prepared for this new reality will gain a significant advantage over those that are not, ensuring more qualified and competitive employees.

In addition, according to the World Economic Forum, students retain between 25% and 60% more information in online processes, rather than in person ones. This is mainly because e-learning requires between 40% and 60% less time to learn. That is, students can do it at their own pace, and as often as necessary.

But beyond its effectiveness, e-learning in compaies offers a number of major advantages over its predecessor, face-to-face training:

Business training

Discover how to succeed with your corporate online training

Despite the many benefits of online training, there are still companies that are resistant to change. The age of the workforce, as well as a limited budget for training, can make the transition difficult.  

To help you tackle this process, in this Whitepaper we’ll provide you with tips on how to make the leap to an online training model, step by step, in an agile and efficient way.    

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    • How corporate online training models have evolved in recent years.   

    • The main difficulties when implementing an online training plan.   

    • Keys to successfully switch from a classroom-based training model to 100% online. 

    • And much more…

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