At a time when remote work and online education are gaining particular relevance, we continue to improve isEazy so you can create spectacular projects with the simplest tool on the market. These are the latest improvements.

Magic for your images

With our new zoom control for your images, and all the power of point of interest adjustment, you’ll be able to layout content to fit any screen, just like magic!

Video is still king

Create more dynamic courses with the new improvements to our video interactives. Add cover descriptions and activate autoplay in your Classic courses, so they play automatically when you access the slide. It couldn’t be easier. Do you still have doubts about the use of video for your e-learning courses?

More freedom in our most creative interactive element

Now, in our interactive element, Linked Scenes, you’ll have even more options when creating your scenes with images and text. What’s more, to give you even more creative resources, we’ve added more types of tags, in the form of speech bubbles and link icons.

Click on this link to see some examples that we have prepared to inspire you when creating your content.

More layout options

We’ve multiplied the possibilities for your creations with isEazy. We’ve added 28 new slide layout options so you can be even more creative when placing the different elements.

New fonts

Do you need adding some style to your text? Discover our 4 new fonts. With a more casual touch, they will help you give a fresher and more dynamic look to your courses.


And lots more inspiration with our new templates!

  • School*: Our help for schools that are starting out in the world of online training.
  • Comic*: Booooom! Wham! Our most eye-catching template now available to make your courses even more memorable.
  • SKY (Xpress)*: Learning is a journey… and now you can use this metaphor in our new Express course template.

*Only available for Professional and Business accounts


Do you dare to try ALL these new possibilities? Discover our different plans and start creating e-learning courses in 3,2,1 …