At isEazy we are continually working so that you can enjoy the many improvements to our platform for the creation of e-learning courses.

Latest updates you can’t miss out on:


Would you like to add voice to your courses? With this new feature you can add a voice-over to your course as well as subtitles in case your students can not hear the audio.

Our courses are available in several languages and you can create them in several languages

¿Te gustaría crear los cursos en español? Ou peut-être en français? We have prepared courses so that you can create a course in any of 8 languages (Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

Test: New features

Question bank: Would you like the assessment to include random questions?  Want to stop your students from sharing answers? With this new functionality you can ensure each student is provided with a different set of questions in their final test.

Attempts: Provide more opportunities for your students to pass by setting the number of attempts per assessment. Also, if you are using a question bank, each student attempt will include different questions.

Feedback: Congratulate your students for passing the final test or encourage them to continue studying if they have failed the assessment.

Usability improvements

Project structure: Enjoy the new design of the structure editor. It is now easier to use and you can see more elements on your screen!

Slide navigation: We are sure you will enjoy this new functionality. Now you can navigate between slides from within the content editor page… and even jump to other sections.