Creating online courses can be a fun process. And especially, it can be much more enriching and interesting than what you think. It’s not about having tricks up your sleeve or years of experience in the sector. It’s possible to create content that instantly captures your audience’s attention, without any technical know-how. Do you want to know all the secrets to effortlessly creating an online training course? Find out below ?.

Step-by-step to easily creating online courses, without investing extra time

STEP 1: Define your message, audience and objectives

As you know, if you want to build a house, you have to start with the foundation. Before you start, define the key concepts, such as your message, your audience, and your objectives. If you know exactly what information your target audience needs, and what their interests and characteristics are, training will be much more effective.

In addition, feedback from your audience or colleagues (always accept constructive criticism ?) is a great way to streamline your online courses design process, as they can identify areas for improvement that will help you optimize your results.

STEP 2: Use ready-to-use style templates

One of the easiest ways to boost productivity when creating content is to use of ready-to-use templates. This saves you having to design them, which can be a hassle if you don’t know how to do it. 

To optimize your time, use a online course builder that offers you templates. This way, you can just focus on the key element of the whole process: your content. If you have a catalog of professional images to choose from, all the better, since you’ll work twice as fast.

Software to create online training courses

STEP 3: Ensure visual consistency in all elements

If your online course is aligned with your image, you’ll have many more opportunities to engage and motivate your users. Make sure that the elements that shape your content are kept consistent: your fonts, your logo and, above all, the color palette. Paying attention to detail shows your interest in creating quality content for your audience – even if it’s your first time doing so ?.

With isEazy, you can customize your content using our Smart Colors: 100% custom palettes that you can apply to text, interactives, or images you’ve added. This way, any professional can design training courses that are visually consistent, effortlessly. As you can see, the future of color management is here!

STEP 4: Engage your audience through interactive resources

Get your audience actively involved through games and exercises, and you’ll have their attention. To achieve this, it is essential that your content creation tool offers ready-to-use interactive resources, so that all you have to do is add the information. Take advantage of your course platform´s interactive resources for your audience to have fun and reinforce key concepts (games, exercises…), you choose!

Moreover, when it comes to creating visually appealing courses, one of the best resources is the training video. This type of dynamic resource facilitates storytelling and engagement and is the most effective way to get your users to have fun and reinforce key concepts at the same time.

 Online course platform

And if you make it interactive, the results will be even more incredible. With the new interactive video from isEazy, you’ll add a unique dimension to your content. Create interactive role-play and simulations to evaluate your students, or customize your onboarding videos in just a few easy steps.

How does it work? Just upload your video to our editor and select the precise moment when you want a question, image, exercise or additional information to appear. You have endless possibilities in a single resource.

STEP 5: Distribute your content according to your needs and the needs of your audience

Finally, make sure that your content creation tool allows you to distribute it according to your needs. Now that training is remote, it’s important to be able to distribute your courses in a hassle-free way, and for your users to be able to access them, regardless of where they are. The three most common options are:

  • Integrate your course into your LMS in SCORM format. The best option to track your progress and evaluate your audience, ensuring the effectiveness of your work.
  • Upload it to your corporate website, if there’s no need to follow up.
  • Share your content with whoever you want through a direct link.

Why wait any longer? Choose the best software to create online training courses, effortlessly. With isEazy’s free plan you can create online courses for free, in just minutes, and with professional results. Let your creativity flow and start captivating your audience today!