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Find here the most interesting and instructive tips and tricks of the e-learning world, ICT and training in general. We will show you how to develope amazing e-learning courses, how to engage your audience, how to write your didactic contents from a more pedagogical point of view, etc.

Elearning tools

The perfect toolkit to create your e-learning courses

The world of e-learning courses is in constant evolution. It is becoming increasingly possible to add more features that make learning...

Make your courses more creative using masks

In isEazy we keep launching new features that you can't miss. We want you to create amazing contents with the most complete authoring tool...
Onboarding for new employees

Onboarding for new employees: How to create the best onboarding training for new hires

If your company is growing, you're going to need to hire to fill different positions more often.  And hiring means training,...