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Find here the most interesting and instructive tips and tricks of the e-learning world, ICT and training in general. We will show you how to develope amazing e-learning courses, how to engage your audience, how to write your didactic contents from a more pedagogical point of view, etc.

authoring tool for a freelance

Why you should start using an authoring tool if you are a freelance

We know that the world of freelance sometimes seems more like an obstacle course than a beautiful yellow brick road. Luckily,...
create elearning content

Create e-learning content on a large scale: the 9 ultimate tips

Creating an online training course for a very large audience, or even an audience located in different parts of the world,...
Create online courses

How to create online courses from scratch, effortlessly

Creating online courses can be a fun process. And especially, it can be much more enriching and interesting than what you...
E-learning videos

Effective e-learning videos: how to use them the right way

The internet has revolutionized the way we view content, learn and acquire information. We don't do this the same way as...
kwoledge sharing

How can you get your employees to share their knowledge?

A company’s day-to-day dynamics make it difficult to document processes or exchange knowledge. We are spurred on by need, that is,...
Engage employees in online training

How to engage employees in online training

According to a study made by Gallup about engagement in training processes in different American companies, its levels are usually around...
isEazy usage examples

isEazy examples: Prosegur Case Study

As you already know, in our blog you'll find a wide variety of content on e-learning courses and how to make...

E-learning templates: Create even more impressive elearning courses

The eLearning sector is forging ahead in leaps and bounds. Just a few years ago it was unthinkable to embark on...
Elearning tools

The perfect toolkit to create your e-learning courses

The world of e-learning courses is in constant evolution. It is becoming increasingly possible to add more features that make learning...