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E-learning is becoming a fundamental pillar for the training of staff for companies, and is opening a world of new possibilities to traditional education. Supported by new technologies, e-learning explores new training options and adapts to changes in the new digital age by facilitating and improving knowledge transfer.

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Create e-learning content on a large scale: the 9 ultimate tips

Creating an online training course for a very large audience, or even an audience located in different parts of the world,...
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14 types of interactive content that will make your online courses addictive

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How to create online courses from scratch, effortlessly

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8 benefits of boosting employee generated learning

Companies are increasingly aware that the greatest treasure they have are their employees and their knowledge. In fact, in many companies,...
Online training models

The best 4 online training models for companies

How we conduct training has changed forever. And not just because of the impact the pandemic has had on our lives....
Engage employees in online training

How to engage employees in online training

According to a study made by Gallup about engagement in training processes in different American companies, its levels are usually around...
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isEazy examples: Prosegur Case Study

As you already know, in our blog you'll find a wide variety of content on e-learning courses and how to make...
Mobile Learning

Corporate mobile learning and its positive impact on your training program

In 2021, one of the things we can say without a doubt is that mobile phones, tablets and other technological devices...
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How to create SCORM from PDF to revamp your online trainings

There are few formats in the corporate sector that are as widely used as PDF. Whether in the field of training...