September is full of news. That’s why we want to start this last sprint of the year sharing what the main technology marketplaces say about us.

G2, Crozdesk or Software World have recently awarded us with different badges that make us one of the most potent course creation tools in the industry. A recognition that fills us with joy and gives us strength to keep growing and offering the best features on the market.

What makes us different from the rest of e-learning software?

Today, the e-learning industry offers so many options for creating training content, that choosing the ‘perfect’ one seems impossible. Through Crodzesk, G2 or Software World, you can find the global options that will suit your needs the best, with detailed information about each software and the best alternatives for users.

isEazy offers the chance to create your contents in an agile and easy way, whether you’re a big company, a SME, a freelance or an academic institution. No matter your profile, all our resources (templates and fonts, games, exercises and test, infographics and videos…) adapt to your learners’ needs. That’s why we’ve been recognized with these 4 badges:

  • ‘Quality Choice’ in Crozdesk’s Ranking of e-learning Solutions.
  • ‘Happiest Users’ in Crozdesk’s Ranking of User’s Satisfaction.
  • We’ve been recognized as one of the best authoring tools on the market in the ‘TOP 10 e-learning tools’ list by Software World.
  • ‘Users Love us’ badge by G2 after getting an average score of 4.9 in users’ satisfaction.

tools to create e-learning content

But there’s more!

Also, isEazy has been categorized as a ‘High Performer’ by G2 in three of the reports they have released this fall. Positioning us as one of the e-learning technologies with the best users’ satisfaction score, in the course creation tool and European market categories.

There’s no doubt we wouldn’t have received these badges without the trust of our users. It’s for them that we work hard every day. To offer the most potent features and user experience on the market. Because with isEazy, creating amazing content is easier than ever!

And you? Have you already created your first course with isEazy? Register now and enjoy our free trial. You’ll love the results! 😊