Good news must be shared 😊! That’s why today, isEazy’s team is thrilled to announce that Software World has included us among the best authoring tools in the market, in the Best e-Learning Software 2021 category. In this list, you can see a comparisson of isEazy with other tools regarding features, benefits, price and more, so you know which are the aspects that differentiate us from other e-learning solutions.

The fact that it’s a leader platform in reviews and opinions on different types of technological solutions makes it even more special. It’s not only about the recognition of the e-learning professionals that we get, but also a greater visibility and credibility in a highly competitive sector.

Software World makes life easier to content creators, as it is a platform where they can compare different softwares, according to the opinions and ratings of real users of these tools. Therefore, one of its major strenghts is that these reviews come from professionals who provide unbiased information about their performance. Long story short, the platform allows you to find a solution that perfectly fits your needs, in a direct and autonomous way.

best elearning softwares to create online courses

But… What makes isEazy different from the rest of the e-learning softwares in the market?

For us, the answer is easy. Technology, efficiency, commitment with our mission and the eager to make content creation easier and more fun for everyone.

These are some of the whole lots of benefits isEazy has in comparisson to other big companies:

  • Our lay-out sistem and wide range of pre-designed templates, which you can customize according to your corporate branding. Easier and faster tan ever.
  • No need of previous training on the tool, and it doesn’t require any sort of installation. You’ll fly creating professional content, from minute one.
  • Games, exercises, test, infographics, the interactive video… And a lot of other interactive resources for your audience to train while having fun.
  • 100% responsive and cloud-based courses. Edit at the same time with your team, getting results that adapt to any device.
  • The option to share your content whenever and however you want, through SCORM, web or direct link.
  • And much, much more!

Create now your first online course and discover for yourself the features that got isEazy among the best authoring tools of 2021. You can’t miss them! 😉