We know that the world of freelance sometimes seems more like an obstacle course than a beautiful yellow brick road. Luckily, technology is on our side, and it can help us simplify all our content creation processes.

At isEazy, we’ve taken all of this very seriously and have devoted our time and talent to helping you. In this article, we’ll fill you in on why you should start using an authoring tool if you are a freelance content creator. Convincing your customers to purchase or sign up for your courses (without having seen them before), meeting deadlines without straying from your objectives, achieving impactful results, or managing different language versions are just some of the advantages we’ll address.

The benefits of making the switch are endless. You’re not so sure? Keep reading!

Advantage 1: Achieve successful sales

First of all: The sale. Obviously, without clients to sign up for your projects, you can’t work, right? But how can you compete with dozens of other content creators just like you? The only way is to offer a high-quality product at a very competitive price. This is only possible if you use tools that allow you to optimize your time and create impactful resources, effortlessly.

With isEazy, you can create all kinds of content, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Everything depends on what you want to offer. In fact, you can use their more than 20 ready-made interactives. If you need something tailor-made, you can also use the linked scenes to create the type of content browsing you want. It’s a very versatile interactive element, and you can use it to simulate a large number of situations and exercises.

Are you looking to strike a fun and didactic tone for your courses? Then use gamification in your online content. With isEazy, you can dazzle your audience with this active and innovative methodology by incorporating different types of games, such as trivia, the ABC game or a card game.

advantages authoring tool for freelance

If you still haven’t sold your course with all these extras, isEazy has an adaptive advantage: its ability to integrate with other tools. What does this mean? Imagine that your client is used to creating their content in PowerPoint, Microsoft Forms or videos on YouTube, and wants to continue working this way. The good news is that isEazy allows you to integrate content that comes from third parties by simply adding a link. Through the “embedding” feature, you’ll be able to expand the capabilities of your courses, creating infinite combinations among the tools available.

Reducing your costs is one of the best ways to offer a more competitive price for your customers, and with authoring tools like isEazy, you can adjust your plan to your needs and budget quickly and easily.

Advantage 2: Meet the established deadlines

As a freelancer, you also know how important it is to stick to your budgeted schedules and deadlines, right? With isEazy, you’ll be able to work so seamlessly that deadlines will no longer be a problem. Thanks to the work of our developers, you’ll have a very intuitive tool that will save you a lot of time, allowing you to adapt to all budgets.

We live up to our name, because with isEazy, creating content is easy! In this article, read about some tips to optimize your course creation processes, thanks to our wide variety of features designed exclusively to save you time.

Some of the specific features that will help you work more efficiently:

  • wysiwyg editor to see how your content looks as you edit.
  • Results adapted to cell phones automatically, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Preview to check the results on different devices.
  • Ready-to-use interactives. Just add the content and you’re done!
  • Autosave so you can focus on creating content without losing anything.

Advantage 3: Solve the lack of graphics

Another advantage of using an authoring tool if you are a freelance content creator is that it provides you with a large amount of graphic material. Your client hasn’t provided you with quality images to illustrate your courses? Well, we have good news! Discover our image catalog for your online courses. You’ll see how useful they are when creating content.

In addition, isEazy is integrated with Unsplash, the most popular royalty-free high-quality image service among content creators. And like everything in isEazy, it’s so easy to select and integrate them into your project.

And speaking of amazing graphics, are you familiar with the great variety of e-learning templates that we offer? Visually appealing and impressive, with a great variety of styles and easy to use, which you can seamlessly adapt to all types of content and structures.

Advantage 4: Meet quality expectations

As a freelancer, you know you rely on the quality of your projects to stand out among the rest. To meet these expectations, you have to ensure great content, of course, but you also have to present it in a way that is visually appealing, educational and interactive. That’s where you really add value. You already know that interactivity helps content have a greater impact on students and therefore reinforces learning.

Until recently, including interactives within an e-learning course meant an additional cost in the instructional design programming. Now, however, you can access these tools without major difficulties or prior technical know-how.  How? With isEazy, you have a wide variety of possibilities: cards, interesting points, linked images, different types of activities… Go and discover all our interactivity options, you’ll be amazed!

Advantage 5: Adapting the content to the look & feel of the client

Another great advantage of authoring tools is that they allow you to adapt the content to the look & feel of the client.

How you can do this with isEazy? We are specialists in this area! You have a wealth of possibilities: you can include your client’s logo in your course template, use it as a background image, or use Smart Colors, an amazing tool to adapt to your client’s corporate brand, and you can choose various fonts. In addition, if you have a Business or Enterprise account, you can customize them.

using an authoring tool for freelanceAdvantage 6: Assess courses seamlessly

When it comes to assessing your projects, you can streamline this step of the process by distributing your courses online through links, with just a single click. After receiving the client’s feedback, modifying the course content, the layout of the screens or the images is very easy. Focus on offering your clients what they need, making modifications in just minutes.

And if you need to, you can also share your content with other industry professionals to receive feedback, suggestions and improvements to your work. You already know that four eyes are better than two, and constructive criticism is always useful to achieve top-notch results.

Advantage 7: Say goodbye to glitches with LMS platforms

Your client has accepted the course using the link you have sent him/her. Now it’s time to upload it to the platform. A moment of great uncertainty for all content creators who do not have a technical background. What if the course doesn’t work well on the platform? What if it doesn’t save any modifications? Say goodbye to these problems because they’re history!

You can export your courses in Scorm 1.2 and Scorm 2004 format for standard learner tracking, without touching a single line of code. isEazy is compatible with the main LMS platforms on the market: Moodle, Cornerstone, OKN Learning and many others.

Having technical issues that you don’t know how to resolve? Don’t worry, you can always consult with our technical service, they are very agile and will know how to guide you easily.

Advantage 8: Handle multi-language content

Lastly, isEazy provides an ideal solution to translate your courses. One of the advantages of our tool is that it supports many more languages than you could imagine. Simply select the language you want the system messages to be displayed in, and that’s it!

Are there any languages missing from the list? Ask for it through our technical support and we will work on adding it.

When it comes to translating the course content, you can do so with the Enterprise account. This license enables to export all your content, translate it, and re-import it. It couldn’t be any faster.

As you can see, starting to use an authoring tool if you’re a freelance will help you streamline your course creation processes and live up to your clients’ expectations. Follow us to stay up to speed with all the news that we add periodically. But without a doubt, the best thing to do is to create your first course!