quaThere are several authoring tools available on the market to create your online training. Whether you choose one or the other will depend on some key criteria, which you must take into account in order to make the right decision. 

1. Is it easy to use?

The tools that have traditionally been used for the creation of eLearning courses are somewhat complex. To use programs like Articulate, Captive, or eXelearning, the content creator must have prior technical knowledge to get the most out of their courses. Unfortunately, the learning curve is very steep. 

Today, companies increasingly tend to rely on in-house trainers as content creators. While they are not computer experts, they are, in fact, experts in the subject matter they are training people in. 

It doesn’t seem very effective to have to train these employees in the use of complex software, does it? Nor does it make sense to outsource the service, as it is expensive and most often external collaborators don’t know how to handle the material as well as the trainers themselves do.

That’s why the use of authoring tools like isEazy is the perfect fit for these cases. The use is so intuitive (copy, paste, drag, click), that there is hardly a learning curve at all. Anyone with a basic knowledge of office automation can take full advantage of this tool. And best of all, there are no surprises. What you see when creating it will be the same thing the student sees when taking the course. 

2. Can you design a course quickly?

It’s important to consider the efficiency that the authoring tool will provide you with when creating your courses. You should consider how your content will adapt to the different interactive implementation options that the application offers. Will it allow you to duplicate content when you’re creating similar courses, so you don’t have to start from scratch? Will you be able to reuse your templates, designs, and projects? 

Learn about the features offered by each of the tools available on the market and compare. By choosing the right one, you’ll be saving a lot of time when creating e-learning courses. For example, you should see whether it offers direct and free access to a gallery of quality images, a wide range of templates so you don’t have to build them from scratch, or the option of duplicating entire projects or specific screens from one course to the next.

3. What security does it give me?

To use a desktop tool, you must first download it and install it on your computer. Moreover, you must update the software periodically.

By contrast, cloud-based authoring tools to create online courses are much more secure and suitable for collaborative work because they are accessible to anyone, anywhere. Your changes are also automatically saved to the cloud as you generate them. This way, you will avoid the problem of losing some of your work due to any kind of computer failure. In the long run, a cloud-based tool will save you a lot of time and money.

4. Is the result a responsive course?

You need your authoring tool to create online training with responsive design. In other words, your content should adapt perfectly to the display on any type of device. This way, your students will be able to enjoy the same browsing experience from a computer screen as from a smartphone or tablet, a very necessary feature given the current trend that sees the ever more frequent use of these devices.

authoring tool to create online training

5. How much flexibility does it offer me?

Look for flexibility in your authoring tool for online courses that have actual high quality. In addition to being easy to use, your tool must offer a wide variety of learning resources to make the result as professional and educational as possible. 

For example, isEazy has a wide range of elements you can include in your courses. Elements like gamification (trivia or alphabet games), links to audio, video, or linked images are just some of the options that give you a great deal of freedom when finding the best way to transmit your content.

6. Does it allow collaborative work?

Do you expect to have a project where several experts have to create different pieces of content? This can turn into a hellish nightmare if you don’t anticipate the need for your authoring tool to have online collaboration functionalities. isEazy is a cloud-based tool, making it ideal for collaborative work, as it allows multiple users to be working on the same content at the same time.

Tool online training

7. Is it affordable?

If you’re looking for an authoring tool, it’s because you plan to create a great deal of content, right? In this case, the price point is an essential consideration. Stay away from expensive licenses, and choose a tool that, in addition to not requiring time or money to learn it, offers you several plans options, starting at an absolutely free to a plan for businesses, so you can choose the one that best suits you, based on the features you need for your courses at any given time. 

What tool gives you so much for so little?

Times change and the way we create eLearning content is constantly evolving. That’s why you have a growing variety of authoring tools at your disposal. Choose the one that best suits your needs based on these criteria.

isEazy provides you with great efficiency because it’s the ideal tool for collaborative work; it is extremely intuitive and simple to use, allowing anyone with basic knowledge to create professional and responsive courses; and it’s also a cloud-based tool, meaning that you won’t lose any of your work or have security issues. Sign up for the free trial and see it for yourself.

Happy elearning!