When we talk of creating online courses, we typically think of professionals from the education world with a lot of experience in designing and delivering educational content. Nevertheless, in this day and age these types of professionals are not the only ones who undertake this type of educational activity. As we know, many times companies have professionals and managers who are experts in certain subjects and able to act as online content creators, that is to say, accidental instructional designers, without being responsible for teaching 100% of the time.

These “accidental instructional designers” represent a great way to capitalize on and distribute an organization’s internal knowledge. Nevertheless, their lack of knowledge about the e-learning world can make things a bit complicated. Is that your case? Don’t miss these 5 tips for creating spectacular online courses, even if it’s your first time facing such a task.

Practical advice for creating good online courses

1. The learning experience is what matters

Online courses have to attract, motivate, and encourage the participation of users – and to accomplish that, true learning experiences must be created. To make training more dynamic and attractive, it is important to include interactive and multimedia elements like podcasts, infographics, and videos. Likewise, the use of dynamics inherent to gamification – such as games, quizzes, and exercises – ensures proper knowledge transmission. These aspects are your main ally for delivering high-impact training.

2. Highlight, dose, and synthesize

To make online training easier to understand and to transmit your desired message in a clear and resounding way for your listener, it is important to structure the information well. What’s more, you have to use simple, direct sentences and short paragraphs to minimize possible student confusion and questions as much as possible.

Relying on a slide-based template layout system ensures that the content is easy to understand and educational for your audience. In addition, it simplifies the creation process so that any professional without technical knowledge can quickly generate e-learning courses by themselves, without help from others.

Accidental instructional designer

3. A (good) image is worth a thousand words

As we have mentioned in the past, images can become a great ally for you to reinforce the concepts you are teaching, making your online courses more powerful, impactful, and educational. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should just add images for the sake of adding images. An image that doesn’t align with the content brings no value. In fact, it can even complicate understanding. In this day and age, there are lots of free image banks that can help you to find the best image for your training.

4. Learning is always a MUST!

It is important to find ways to nurture your know-how. But, if you’re already an expert, how can you keep learning? The answer is simple:

  • Take up new knowledge on related subjects that you’re not an expert in.
  • Seek out new sources of information.
  • Connect with other e-learning professionals.
  • Register for free webinars and go to conferences.

In short: Get out of your comfort zone and always learn with passion!

5. Find the best tool for the creation of your online courses

As e-learning evolves, new authoring tools crop up to help with the creation of online courses. Choosing from the range of options requires an effort that is similar to that of creating the course itself. You have to know how to choose the authoring tool that best adapts to your needs. To accomplish that, ask yourself: Is it cloud based? Is it easy to use? Does it allow courses to be created quickly? Can it generate 100% responsive content? Does it allow for collaborative work? Is it financially feasible? Find out everything you think you may need to know in order to choose the best tool for you.

Accidental instructional designer. Create elearning

Why choose isEazy as your authoring tool?

You still don’t think you’re able to create e-learning courses? At isEazy, we strive for our e-learning course creation software to be 100% intuitive and easy to use, guiding professionals through all the steps of creating a course – even if they lack prior experience.

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Internal experts can finally share their knowledge quickly, easily, and autonomously thanks to the isEazy cloud-based authoring tool. We know that you want to give them a try! Register for free and start to create your e-learning courses with professional results and without having to be a technology whizz.